Where have i been hiding?!


Hello there you lovely lot,I hope you’re all well!

I bet you have been all thinking

“oof,she’s getting a bit slack”

And il let you, because i have. Things have been hectic so to speak but a hectic that I’m more than happy with as… Im moving house! That’s right,a brand new sparkling home! In fact i am actually moving to benefit my blog. For many months I’ve been thinking ergh what id give to have more space!

See,ive been living in shared housing which all seemed like a good idea when i first came to New Zealand. It meant that i wasn’t coming to a brand new country and throwing myself in being trapped in a house on my own. It was an opportunity to meet people and find the hotspots of where to go.

For blogging purposes, well its not really ideal lets say. I was feeling so limited with space for creativity and not being able to produce the quality that id like for even blog photos.

Having my own home will have so many wonderful benefits not just for my blog but myself too.

and i am beyond excited

Unfortunately with the move comes a lack of time which has left me putting together blog posts at the last minute. Though I’m not happy that I’ve spent so much time away from my blog it is balanced as I know all the hard work I’m putting in away from it will really pay off.

I hope you all can wait just a little longer and then this one will be back with some exciting content!

Stay tuned!



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