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Ahh Jess, you story makes my own journey worth it! Seeing the success of others, albeit in different circumstance, overcome such monumentally difficult adversity, its truly heart warming, and the emotion you inspire with you written word is exceptional.Your journey has come so far and you have learnt so much about yourself that I only began to realise about mysef now at 34 years. Never stop doing what makes you happy, continue to take pride in your loves! I love how freely you want to share your happiness and lessons. I do just want to find you one day in this world and give you a massive hug.

I keep realising the people like you who quietly tell their stories and share their compassion are the true road to recovery. Your CBT therapist sounds like one of those people also. I was lucky enough to have 2 years of psychotherapy and met one of those people. These are the people that save peoples lives when nobody else can see they need saving.

I have so many words I could share about how much you have helped inspire me since reading your work only recently. The most important I think would be this;

Thank you

– Jemima (Comment – The OCD Stories article)

What can I say about the littlest lady?!
She just about saved my life! I am known as one for the dramatics but this time I’m finally serious!

Jessica came into my whirlwind life, held my hands and she told me that I wasn’t alone…

I was quite a bit younger although I’m not too sure of the number, when I was lying in my bed, crying my poor heart out and in the spur of the moment, I typed in “self help” on Facebook, I remember it as clear as if it was yesterday.That’s when her bright little face came up! I started talking to her and I probably told her my entire life in one blow! (Sorry about that!) I was abused, physically, sexually and emotionally by the closest people in my life, I was hospitalised by the same people that held my hand when I first came into this world. I had been surrounded by lies, I saw others abused and when I spoke out for this other poor soul,I was sat down and shouted at for being “crazy” I had truly lost faith in anything being good in the world.And then I saw her image, that little cartoon face of hers on the Facebook page!

She told me that I was okay, that I wasn’t alone, she taught me that you can survive all of these very nasty things in the world and you can still find beauty anywhere if you just try. For the first time in my life I actually had someone who listened to me, who believed me! She once said that I reminded her of herself when she was younger, and that has stayed with me to this day. Whenever I start to think about the bad things that have happened, I stop and I think about Jess, and where she is from where she came from and it really grounds me.

I have a completely different life now, I left my family, I lived in a hostel for a while when I left, and I met the love of my life, who, just like Jess, he made me see the beauty in every day.
I still have some problems, I struggle with the effects of ptsd but my partner, and my dog help me through those tough spots.

Thanks to that one chance, that quick Facebook search. I didn’t take my own life that night, I didn’t stop fighting the abuse, I didn’t stop – and I still haven’t – and I never will. I cannot thank you enough Jessica, you helped me no matter what silly mistakes I made and you put confidence in me and I’ll never forget that.

– Jessica (Bromborough,UK)

Advocacy and education are vital to issues that are so easily ignored and forced into the shadows. The only way we’ll ever create change is by engaging in conversation. We need to support each other, and we NEED to amplify the voices of those who are speaking up. Yes, it causes all of us pain to open up to these experiences. It hurts to think about, it hurts to empathize, and for many, it hurts to remember. For those of us who are in a position in our lives to embrace this pain and live with it so we might help bring it into the light, we can help diminish the shame and secrecy that cause so much harm and isolation to people who have already suffered so much harm.

Let’s get her the visibility she needs for her work!!
– Amber (Denver,USA)

I have so much respect for you and thought it important you should know. You are really empowering and inspirational. I admire your strength and frankly, it’s really, really nice to hear someone not just shed light on a brutal and ignored subject, but also encourage therapy and processing a painful event. Rock on and thank you. I really hope you’re living in a safe place and finding the right people.
– Vanessa (California,USA)
I like how your website puts a message of faith out there to people who otherwise would feel excluded and gives them a gentle hand of support, as well as your openness to an otherwise upsetting issue. It’s something that needs to be said instead of shielded away from and kept tight lipped, because people who have met any kind of abuse, do feel scared to say things and bottle it up and it’s very pleasant to be able to talk to you and not feel judged.It’s good to see someone continue to fight.
– Dom (Leeds,UK)
I don’t know where you find the strength to do what you’re doing. My abuse was over 10 years ago and I find everything such a struggle.You have an incredible amount of strength to pick yourself back up and do this and I am baffled at how you do it. What a strong beautiful young women. You deserve only the best in life.
– Katie (Haxby,UK)
To think of when i knew you from college, then to think of you writing such an open blog is really an inspiration. You’re helping people out there in ways nobody else can, because you’ve been there. Throughout all your struggles, you’re still here fighting.
“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” Never has there been a truer quote.
– Beccy (Ripon,UK)
The title “The Littlest Lady” is a bit misleading. I mean, how does a heart that BIG fit in that body? How does this littlest lady hold all this abuse on her shoulders and live life? How does that littlest frame give off so much strength?

As a fellow survivor, I believe that strength comes from family. No, not that family that abused her, the family of 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys who are sexually assaulted by the time they turn 18. We have a connection that is deep, that not everyone can “understand” how we feel and we know the hurt behind the smile that is flashed in public.

The Littlest Lady gains more strength with each blog post, Facebook status, Google+ update and face-to-face conversation she has about her abuse. Getting this crap abuse, out in the open is a purifying technique.

I see great things in Jessica’s life and I am super excited to know her and to be part of her new family. xoxo Doug from
– Doug (Arkansas,USA)

As a survivor of abuse myself, I am very proud of you for opening up the door for discussion on such a hard subject. I have personally enjoyed being able to talk to somebody who has gone through something similar to my own story. Through meeting you I have been able to understand my own story and move forward. I think you will do great things with your story, and you will help many other victims who have been silenced .
– Emma (Georgia,USA)
Your passion to help others shines through in your writing.I have never read anything like it and can guarantee you will go far with this
– Jenna (Ohio,USA)
Upon first glance of this page I was touched by Jessica’s care and address of the issues at hand, but only when I read further was I truly humbled beyond belief by the personal sacrifices she was making in order to aid the future of others. As such, this blog is as important as any other on the internet, and I love Jess all the more for putting it out there for you and I, no matter the cost to her.
– Baz (London,UK)
For as long as I’ve known you, you’ve always been the kindest of people. When I learned of all the things that have gone on in your life I was horrified that these awful things could happen to such a lovely person.

The fact that you’ve not only made it through the hard times, but are also being a shining beacon of hope to others is an inspiration. You’re an incredible person, without a doubt one of the strongest people I know. I’m so proud of the person you’ve become and that you help everyone so selflessly. I have the up most faith that you’ll help people find their voice.
– Daniel (Darlington,UK)

Your writing is so pure,hate free and innocent. You have managed to completely separate yourself from what happened to you and use it for the purpose of helping others. I was sick of seeing page after page of people with hurt pouring out of every orifice of there body’s and being so hateful towards even those who hadn’t abused them.Yes abuse hurts, but there’s no need to follow in the steps of our abusers.

I am guilty of being hateful and bitter at times because of my abuse,but you’re an inspiration to not be like that and that its not worth it.
Thank you for being a guide to my life. Your really are an inspiration.
– Lauren (London,UK)

You’re a true inspiration sweetheart. You’re a strong and amazing person and I feel really lucky to know you. I’m so proud of you! I wish you all the best 🙂 I love you xox
– Aggie (Poznan,POLAND)
Holy s**t. I have mountains of respect for you.Great reading for anyone with or without an abusive.
– Mike (Denver,USA)
I come back to your blog everyday even if you haven’t posted something new. It is a reminder that i can and will get through this just like you did. You have no idea how much you will help people writing about these things and i want to say a huge thank you to you for doing this.
–Anonymous (California,USA)
Finding people like you honestly give me a lot of hope. Tonight itself was more than inspiring. It always seems to help just knowing there are people who can love humans even after pain.I really believe we all want to be loved and helped. Little treasures we can find in compassionate people. Hearing other peoples stories helps keep me feeling positive even though the things they may tell you hurt and you never want them to happen at least you can take a little joy in those who can and will listen. Even more in those who are brave enough to let you know your not alone. Thank you.
– Danie (Buffalo New York ,USA)
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