Three Cheers for…Life.

Hello petals,

How the dickens are we?

So, last week was


There I was minding my own business getting together my latest images for my blog post when I received a message from my friend.

“Jess, My Chemical Romance are going to New Zealand.”

I did one of those gasps where you almost choke yourself and my whole life came spinning towards me. I obviously went into some frantic slamming of keyboard search to make sure this was something that was actually happening (though I would have no reason to initially doubt this particular friend) and there it was. My chemical romance are coming to New Zealand

Come off it!

If you guys are long time followers of my blog you will know of my love of My Chemical Romance. I dont think ‘my love’ quite cuts it. I mean, they were a safety blanket to me for YEARS.

When I say I had them on repeat that isn’t some cutesy way of saying I liked to listen to them a lot. Im being fully serious when I say they were on repeat. The album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love was played on loop. From morning to night and all through the night. I never had it off. It was my safety blanket when I was going through some of the worst parts of my abuse and my only bit of comfort in life was from that album.

Though that album was a huge safety net for me I knew at the time that it couldn’t physically keep me safe. I never expected to be here today wether due to abusers actions or my own. Its the strangest most baffling feeling and nothing makes me more emotional than the gratitude of still being here today. When I am still here and now have the opportunity of seeing the band that kept my head above water during the worst times of my abuse it just

knocks me sideways

The thought that I used to listen to that album with furniture behind my door and not knowing what was going to happen to me next is just so surreal and its so hard to connect that to the person I am today. Its all these little moments in life that not only ground me but inspire me to share my story even more. The story that involves me not wanting to be here at one point and a story that shows that same life going on to unbelievable and wonderful things.

If you are reading this, struggling and not sure if you can keep going let this be your message to stay. When I was listening to those albums I was in a situation of severe childhood abuse. Lost alone and unable to see a future and here I am today.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to the show and it will be nothing but a celebration of life for me.

What a wonderful thing to celebrate.



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