The Story Behind My Style!

Hello poppets!

How the dickens are we?

Last week on my blog I shared with you a chatty update on my Healing Head Trauma series. This week I’m delving even more in to the world of YouTube and sharing with you the story behind my style!

Honestly, its a topic that I have been asked about more times than I could count. For some reason though, I always wanted to stick to my topics be it trauma or mental health and stayed away from talking about what I look like because to be honest, its just not me!

Still many years later i’m asked about my style, my hair and what inspired it all and finally caved and sat down to share with you just that story!

I am really trying to get in to doing these YouTube videos so please let me know if you have any video suggestions or a topic you would like me to cover!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

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