The Release of Recovery Revival!

Hello everyone,

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Today I am sharing with you something that I am BEYOND excited to share with you.

Littlest Lady and sharing my own story started all the way back in 2012. Can you BELIEVE IT?! It has given me some of the most incredible and life changing experiences and I have learnt so much during its journey. Each day it is a pleasure to jump into this little space I have created online and share parts of my journey and the things I am learning about life and its various goings on.

For some time I had wanted to create a platform and space to hand the mic over to others and share other peoples recovery stories. Throughout my journey of Littlest Lady I have come across some incredible people and stories. At one point I felt very alone in my own story and want for life. Mental health and the conversation around it only seemed to showcase one narrative, but Littlest Lady connected me with people who shared similar stories and only wanted the upmost out of life.

See, I believe a big part in why we don’t hear many stories of recovery is pretty simple. When you have spent a good chunk of your life battling through it, why would you want to spend your time of freedom talking about it? Yes, there are a few of us that do a lot of advocating in the space, but a lot of people quite simply just want to live their lives and that is the case with a lot of people and stories I have come across.

For a few years now I have been planning, creating and visualising how I wanted this little online space to be. I wanted to combine stories of recovery, share tips, the highs and lows, some experts in the field and create a community of people cheering each other on.

Thats where I present to you… Recovery Revival.

Yes, Recovery Revival. Recovery Revival is a space and community for those on the road to recovery. Recovery Revival quite simply means, the revival of recovery. To bring into focus the importance of recovery being spoken about and encouraged and how in doing that, we can begin to create change. Too often we can get stuck and hyper focused on the difficulties in life which sadly too often can lead to things becoming more difficult. Recovery Revival is a space for those recovering from a wide range of things from mental health disorders and illnesses to trauma and addiction. You will find tips and tricks that are helpful in recovery, you will hear the recovery stories of others and the highs and lows along the way. We are all about moving forward in life. Learning, growing and encouraging each other along the way.

Recovery Revival was supposed to be released around the time of the Covid-19 outbreak back in 2019 and its plans were certainly changed and halted due to it. Still, I have decided to release it and troop on regardless! As time goes by and our world gets back to some normality more will be released on the platform.

Please head to the links below and join us on this already growing platform and space. If you would like to share part of your recovery story with us, please DM me and the team on any platform below and don’t forget to follow us for lots of tips, stories and discussions on recovery!

Recovery Revival is on a range of platforms and soon will have its own website.

Recovery Revival Instagram
Recovery Revival Facebook
Recovery Revival Twitter

Don’t forget, if you would like to share your story with us DM me and the team on any of the platforms above!

– Recovery Revival

Thank you for your continued support, team!


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