The brand new!

Hello you wonderful bunch!

How are you doing?

I cannot BELIEVE my new website is finally here. The brand new! Eeeee!

My whole heart

Thats right, if you didn’t know I’ve been on a little break from all things blogging due to making this brand new website! This has been one mammoth job but I’ve enjoyed its journey so much and trying to work out what i can bring to my blog in the near future.

As you can see i have had a big redesign of the front end and pages of my blog. A lot of aspects are similar and I’ve kept with the same colour scheme because i mean, pink, mint green and purple, come on?

Ive still tried to keep my blog really simple and easy to navigate around. Its something I’ve always tried to do and not have it hugely overloaded. I remember when i was struggling and desperate to seek out any sort of guidance and reassurance online and would be brain bamboozled and completely put off by websites FULL of information. When you have a struggling mind already heaps of information can really put you off!

Also you’ve been on a little trip and been lifted from one country to another. (I know, who’d of thought) Being on the other side of the world is all very nice but NOT in regards to server speeds. Things now should be a little faster for my readers all over the world wether you’re in England, America or New Zealand!

I also have a brand new logo which i am IN LOVE with. It was really tricky to pick and decide on a logo but in the end i decided to go with something that was quite similar and in theme with my banner. Thank you to everyone that sent in logo ideas for me. I used some of the ideas that were sent in to help come up with the final design.

If you follow me on social media you will also know i took a break from that too. The break was mainly due to (time for a bit of honesty) the fact that everything got WAY TOO overwhelming for me. I seem to have gained a following of 6 THOUSAND on instagram and i know that may be a small number to some,but it was a huge thing for me. It had got to the point where id come home from work to a good couple of 100 messages and there wasn’t enough hours in the day to get through them all and keep up with them. It started to get me down a little and left me thinking about the path i was on with my blog.

Frankly,I needed a huge stop and rethink

Gosh, how thats been done! From a situation where i was genuinely upset at not getting back to as many people as id of liked to I’m now realising that its just not possible and that i have to be a little less tough on myself with expectations.

In regards to Instagram i have now had a good sort out of my messages and am ready to start again. I guess for now I’m just testing things and how manageable that inbox will be. If things get to hectic i may have to (unfortunately) switch off my direct messaging on there but for now, hey lets just wait and see!

In regards to messaging me in other ways i now have a contact form for you to use. You can ask me all your questions through there or ask for support if you’re struggling.

In the near future i have a lot of exciting ideas a lot of guest posts coming up and I’m introducing some new platforms for us to engage on!

I hope you enjoy navigating through and exploring my brand new sparkling blog. I am SO excited!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the patience whilst i worked on all this and a huge thank you for the continuous support.

You’re all wonderful!



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