Spring Cleaning in Lockdown!

This blog post is not sponsored, yet simply shares some of my favourite local small businesses around New Zealand. This is to not only show love to these brands, but to create some well deserved business for them if you are looking to or in the midsts of cleaning your home!

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re well and enjoying your day!

As I mentioned in my last blog post I have actually been spring cleaning my home and doing various little jobs from cleaning out my wardrobe, sorting cutlery draws and dusting down my book case. I have been doing it to break up my days as New Zealand has landed itself back in lockdown.


Ahhh lockdown, here we are again! Though I must say at level 2 which is certainly much better and allows a little more wiggle room for outdoor adventures and grocery shopping.

Lockdown doesn’t directly affect me too much as I already work from home so the general day to day doesn’t feel all that different, but knowing the world outside of my home is struggling certainly weighs heavy on my heart.

With that, I have been breaking my days up a little. Still working, but placing some sort of task inbetween wether it be a spot of gardening or sorting through my drawers.

A task I thoroughly enjoy!

I take pride in my home and practice gratitude every day for the house I get to call home. I do a clean of my house once a week (lol joke, I vacuum nearly every day because of Lola!) but have been waiting for the day I get to announce its time for a good SPRING CLEAN.

Yes, spring is here which means I do all those jobs that get neglected throughout the year. Wiping down skirting boards, dusting all those hard to reach places and pulling all my books off my bookshelf and wiping it down.

Its funny, but as soon as I had decided that it was time to start my spring clean and lockdown was upon us, two of my favourite artists released new music. I mean, there really was only one thing for it. Setting my speakers up and getting stuck in!

(Green Goddess Natural Bathroom & Shower Spray)

When it comes to cleaning products I try to keep things as natural as possible not only for my health, but Lolas too. Its another old school part of me I guess and something again I learnt from my grandma. I use a lot of vinegar (which leaves people constantly asking if I live on a diet of fish & chips) and bicarbonate of soda. I don’t just use these for the protection of our health, but I love the cleaning properties in all products.

Some time ago on looking for some glass bottles to make up my own products I stumbled upon Green Goddess. Green Goddess is a all natural cleaning product brand that creates products free from synthetics, phosphates, preservatives and artificial fragrances. Just all natural good stuff!

I buy a variety of items from them to stop myself making more mess during the cleaning process and making concoctions myself. They feature all those key ingredients that I love and then some!

The smell of all of their products makes me instantly feel like spring has sprung as they make everything smell so fresh and clean and honestly their cleaning power is second to none. No store bought products have ever made my taps shine like these nor my workbenches look so clean. Their products are so gentle that they leave no harsh scratches on any surfaces and are gentle on hands.

I love not only their lemon & thyme bathroom spray but rose cleaning paste too (which smells heavenly!)

(Living Light Reed Diffuser, a recent fav!)

Talking of smell, I have been packing all my vanilla, pumpkin and winter spiced candles away and bringing out my fresh, floral spring fragrances.

Living light are one of my go to for fragrances for my home (and body care too). Living Light are a luxury candle and home fragrance brand that have been mastering their candle craft for over 22 years. All their items are crafted with love, passion and excellence and believe me, you can tell!

Currently I am loving (and I can’t highlight that word enough) their new ‘Black iris’ scent. The perfect mix of iris, jasmine and tonka bean creates the most perfect spring scent. Its not a tropical summer scent (are pineapple candles a thing?) but a soft delicate scent that leads perfectly in to spring.

These products look and smell so luxurious and for a fraction of the price of what you would think. I often get compliments not only on the smell throughout my home, but the packaging on various items from candles on my coffee tables to reed diffusers in my bedroom.

The biggest task I had to complete was when it came to my pantry. Im a Pinterest gal, so you know what that means! Yes, my Pinterest has its own board dedicated to pantry organisation. How long did I have that board? Probably about 5 years. Did I make the board a reality? No, did I heck. Well, until now anyway.

I had always wanted to have a ‘Pinterest pantry’ and though dreaming of it for years didn’t make it a reality. For a long time I didn’t have much of a pantry and upon getting one in my new home, felt the task was a little daunting. Despite being most minimalist in my approach with the rest of my home, my pantry is another story. I seem to have tiny packets of random things scattered about and hiding in corners from chocolate chips to some fandangled flour I decided to try many moons ago.

This year and upon starting my spring cleaning I promised myself I would create the pantry i’ve been dreaming of. I bought a selection of organisation items from Click Clack and found a 10 piece pantry storage set which was not only just what to organise my pantry, but to make it easy too!

Click Clack are an award winning New Zealand owned company dedicated to all your pantry, fridge and countertop storage needs! They have a variety of items in both rounded and cubed and they can be stored not only in your pantry but fridge too.

They are such fabulous quality with no cheap latches or clips that will soon break off. They are airtight and also stackable which is great for smaller pantry’s or if you have a lot to stack!

Click Clack have a huge sale on now so dont forget to head over to their website for all your organisation needs.

In fact, below is a list of all the items featured in this blog post from candles and reed diffusers to cleaning products and storage!


Click Clack Pantry Storage

Click Clack are a brand dedicated to all your pantry, fridge and countertop storage needs. Below is a list of items I used to help organise my pantry!

Click Clack
10 piece round pantry storage
10 piece cubed pantry storage
Tall Pantry Storage

– Click Clack

Green Goddess Natural Cleaning Products

Green Goddess is an all natural cleaning product brand that creates products free from synthetics, phosphates, preservatives and artificial fragrances. Here is a list of some of my most used items!

Green Goddess
Green Goddess Laundry Detergent
Bathroom Cleaner
Mould Magic
Rose Cleaning Paste

– Green Goddess

Living Light

Living light are a luxury and natural candle and home scent brand. Below is a list of items that I use around my home!

Reed Diffusers
Room Spray

– Living Light

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