Sharing My Story with Child Rescue Coalition

“From one survivor to another, hear me out. I know it’s tough, I know you’re hurting, but you got this. What happened to you wasn’t your fault, never was and never will be. You have the power within you to change your life. Oh, absolutely trauma changes the brain but we have the power to change it right back and let my story be the proof of that.”

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Today I want to share with you an article I have recently written for the Child Rescue Coalition.

If you dont know who the Child Rescue Coalition are they are a nonprofit organisation that rescues children from sexual abuse. Using the most comprehensive view of where child predators around the world are downloading and sharing content the Child Rescue Coalition work around the clock to collect information regarding the abusers and report their activity.

The Child Rescue Coalition actively help to track, arrest and prosecute these child predators and bring safety to millions of children.

This is the first time I have fully shared my story of sexual abuse as a child though I have covered the victim blaming side of things previously. It is an honour to be sharing my story with such a wonderful organisation today and I hope it brings a little light to the many survivors of child sexual abuse.

This article comes with obvious trigger warnings though the theme of this article as with all my work, is recovery.

Better Days are on the Way – Article
Trigger Warning: This article contains information about child sexual abuse which may be triggering to survivors.

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Help support Child Rescue Coalitions work by donating today.

Help support Child Rescue Coalitions work by donating today.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those that have read this. Your support means the world to me.



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