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This week I am very excited to be sharing with you a review of The Mind Workout by Mark Freeman!

Now,if you’ve been with me and my blog for some time you will of seen me talk about finding those true gems during tough times and holding on to what they have to say and Mark is one of those people

Pay Attention

Mark Freeman is a true gem and though that word fits him pretty well he’s also an awful lot more. Mark is an all round mental health advocate thats on a mission to help people improve and maintain their mental health. Now for mark (and myself too) maintaining is the key and Mark uses all sorts of platforms to guide and help people maintain good mental health.

Mark creates videos, facilitates workshops, gives presentations and is now an author

Watch Out

Now lets talk about the book itself. The Mind Workout is a book i could NOT put down and i knew it would be before i even read it. Mark uses mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques which i guess says it all as to why this book has a huge thumbs up in my eyes.

The book was developed as a result of Marks own recovery and mental health difficulties and noting the important things he learnt. I guess thats another huge plus to the book as its by someone thats been through these things and not someone taking a good old fashioned guess or by someone that has an opinion on what could work.

Mark notes the differences between how we look at mental health and physical health and delves into the norms of physical fitness and how we don’t think to apply any of it to our mental health.

Mark discusses all the things that helped him improve his mental health and that important thing of MAINTAINING it. He shares tips, tricks and key advice that can be applied to everyday life. He talks about practicing happiness, mindfulness and also talks about how important failure can be.

The most important part of this book to me is that its a different kind of mental health book AND its talking about change. When it comes to mental health difficulties we’ve somehow develeped a way of talking about it like were stuck with it. Of course we need to be raising awareness of mental health difficulties and how difficult they can be but we also need to be raising the voices of those who have challenged and overcome it and encouraging others to too.

All in all i feel I’ve found a true treasure with this book. I know the things in this book work. Its CBT based, its mindfulness and it most importantly,it involves ACTIONS. The book itself is incredibly well written and doesn’t have that dreaded head blag that I often talk about when there is just too much information. Mark also has his cute signature illustrations throughout and can we talk about that front cover?!

My Whole Heart!

Thank you to the wonderful Mark for kindly sending me this book to checkout and thank you for being such a wonderful person and for voicing that mental health difficulties don’t mean the end.

Below are links to where you can find mark and all he does and a link to where to buy the books.

Honestly, go and get this.

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