Your questions about SEXUALITY answered

“Im bi. Everytime i think about telling my parents i literally start shaking and it takes me so long to calm down and stop crying. When i told them i was an atheist they told me no one would ever love me, family, friends, strangers. They hurt me so much and later i told them i decided id want to be a vegetarian, later vegan. Didn’t go so well. I…just want to know is there ever a “right time” with my family. Their also homophobic Christian maniacs. They hate people like me…”

I am sorry you’re in this tricky situation and it is such a shame people feel that forcing there hateful views on someone is a right and proper way to act.

In some situations i think it is fine for parents to show views on things if they are unproper or uncalled for but it sounds like your parents might be just picking at everything?
I know its not great nor right to have to hide things, but do you have to tell them? It doesn’t mean hiding it but just carry on as you are.
Be who you are and who you want to be, for your benefit, not others. (Even if that sadly means your parents)

I wouldn’t put a ton of pressure on yourself just to tell them especially if you know they aren’t going to answer with anything too great.
Your views wont make good people ‘hate you’ if people hate you because of your views, that’s a fault of there’s not yours and you will find that good people don’t mind whether you’re vegan,atheist or a butterfly with two heads.

Stay peachy

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