Your questions about IMAGE answered

“I’ve had body image problems for about 10 years now and to be honest, it’s got worse not better. I’m not overweight, I’m not thin,but I’m not happy with my body. I regularly feel guilty for eating unhealthily. I’m trying to go to the gym once a week to lose a bit of weight but people always say that you will still be unhappy even if you lose the weight, am I doing the right thing?”

You aren’t doing anything bad for exercising as many people find it a good stress relief but this clearly isn’t the place to start for you.

I think you need to look at the reason you feel so bad about yourself in the first place to think these things. Its not a matter of changing yourself but changing how you think about your self.
Look at where these thoughts have come from or try to pin point when these thought first started and go from there.

Many many peoples body image issues come from nasty comments that lodge themselves in your brain.

Once you work out the source of the problem and have dealt with that you may find you start feeling better about yourself.
Its always a good idea to find a good GP and get them to help you tackle the problem!

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