Your questions about ANXIETY answered

““How do you deal with anxiety from your past? I feel so unloved because of my abuse that I isolate myself from others and have no friends. I just feel so nervous around people… do you deal with it all??”

Even though i love people and love being around people i still sometimes feel the anxiety that i use to with certain people.

Anxiety is a horrible thing and can keep you prisoner inside yourself and scared of the outside world.

Theres no ‘quick fix’ for anxiety and its all about underlying issues. You say you were abused so it could link to that. Also i must stress it is not uncommon to be wary of who to trust and to be wary of people after suffering abuse. You need to focus on the ‘whys’ and look into why you feel so nervous. Is it all people or certain people etc. Your anxiety’s will lessen when you find the right people and surroundings.

From chatting to people i have found many find comfort in forums. A great one is Find somewhere where you are anonymous and can just let off some steam when you want to chat away.

I am not sure if you’re seeking help/therapy for your abuse or anxiety but a practical therapy like CBT could possibly help you.
And don’t feel unloved, i loves ya.

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