Your questions about ABUSE answered

“Images from my past abuse intrude on my life daily. It’s constant. I can’t help but punish myself over and over. It’s exhausting, but I can’t stop. Trying to relax makes me nervous and stressed. What can I do?”

Unfortunately this is a cycle many go through and something i have been through myself and yes, it is completely exhausting.

When you say trying to relax makes you nervous and stressed you may find its because you’re trying too hard or are pushing yourself to be relaxed. Relaxing doesn’t always mean just sitting with your feet up. Maybe take a bath and listen to your favorite music,read a book, surround yourself with good people or even go for a walk.

Its all about training your brain to banish these thoughts as you have no reason to punish yourself. Saying that, it can take a while as abuse instills the thought in our heads that it is our fault but try not to be too hard on yourself. You’re still here and going strong!

I am and always will be a big believer in therapy and healing so make sure you have some sort of support to banish these images and thoughts the right way and for good instead of just masking them.

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