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Q&A – Answering Your Questions!

Hello everyone,

How the dickens are we?!

I like to keep my promises and this week I am doing a quick fire Q&A as its something that you guys always ask for!

With that, I jumped on my social media to ask what burning questions you would like answering. I have picked some of the most commonly asked ones and answered them below.

How do you find the right therapist?

It’s a tough one hey and a tough one to answer!

As explained in my last blog post I went to therapy when I lived in the UK which meant me going through the NHS. The NHS are great, truly they are, but when it comes to therapy it can be a bitof Russian roulette as we get the therapist we’ve been given.

In this instance it’s so important to make sure if you’ve been given a therapist that you don’t click with, don’t feel is right or is sending you in a funny direction to speak up. (I know its hard!)

If it’s more of a case of you searching yourself and picking and choosing I think it’s really important to know your goals beforehand. Now, saying that it’s important not to get too tied up on these or too specific, but what do you want to gain from therapy? Do you need someone to talk to, are you struggling with a specific thing or are you looking to build some skills?

Once you’ve narrowed down what you’re looking at for your life you can then do some research and find someone that matches your goals.

A lot of therapists do free first sessions which allows you to both get to know each other. It’s not just us that may feel the therapist isn’t right for us, the therapist may feel they’re not right for you either!

Highlight your goals, let them know them and then see if you can achieve it together!

Do you have a mindfulness/meditation practice?

You know what, Mindfulness has become a way of life for me now and not just when meditating, but things like eating dinner and walking Lola. I dont like to rush these things and really try and take the time to savour and enjoy the little moments in life.

I always start my day off with meditation practice of 5/10 minutes, but make sure I often tune in to myself and make sure that I’m still living in the present moment and not worrying about past, present or future.

You mention your recovery from CPTSD and OCD, but have also talked about you suffering with anxiety in the past. Is this something you still struggle with?

Yes! I was diagnosed with OCD, CPTSD and GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder). I don’t suffer with anxiety now, no. You know what though? I couldn’t actually tell you what specifically was just anxiety at the time.

When I went into my last therapy I was a WRECK and was riddled with various symptoms. Despite being diagnosed with GAD I think it showed through my OCD more.

Working through my difficulties and their attachment to my trauma helped collectively reduce all the symptoms I was having. Practicing those things has only meant me getting mentally stronger. I dont find I get anxious about anything now and more see things as a challenge to take on!

What is the most important thing for someone to remember that is going into recovery?

Don’t. give. up.

I know its easily said, but it’s even easier to do.

Often we have been a certain way for so long it’s easier to just give up and think “Before was easier than this!” but you’re worth so much more than that.

Take a break, take a breather, but don’t give up. It’s hard for a reason!

Do you feel you have good mental health?

I do, but I also PRACTICE good mental health. For me that means eating well, sleeping well and having a good balance of work and play.

In terms of mental health, I feel it is good, but it wouldn’t be if I didn’t practice those things above!

I hope this little Q&A has been helpful.

I will make sure to answer a few of your questions on here every few months!


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