One BIG life update

Hello poppets

This week on the blog were having a general life update. One big huge recap in the world of

I know i go on and on about reflection but its something i do a lot of. Now ive finally hit that big number of 24 years old I’ve been reflecting more than ever!

What a ride its been

When i tell you theres not a day that goes by when i don’t think how grateful i am to still be here im not over exaggerating. I still cannot believe im still here. Im sure thats such a hard thought process to get your head around and some that may have been through abuse may know what i mean.

I had days when i thought i was done for. I had days when i thought i wasn’t going to see the end of the day. Wether that was through my abusers actions or through my own because i couldn’t cope with what was happening to me.

I am still here and truly

I cannot believe it

Lets go back to the start a little for those who don’t know my story. My names Jessica and im the owner of this little blog right here.

I suffered at the hands of abuse most of my life. In fact various kinds of abuse. I encountered emotional, physical and sexual abuse and also two assaults.

It was erm quite a ‘different’ life as you can imagine especially during the mists of this finding out my dad was alive after my mother telling me for most of my life that he had passed away.

A magic trick to be admired

After all this i was left with some pretty intense mental health difficulties as you can imagine and then went on a journey of well somehow, owning them?

After being sent in and out of therapy and trying almost everything in the book i eventually found a CBT therapist that helped me take on OCD and PTSD and get them under managment.

During this time id already started to share my journey to recovery. It started as a blog to note what i was doing and to record my therapy. After getting my mental health on track and recovering from what id been through it became a place for me to encourage others to do the same.

I then went on to work with some incredible organisations and charities and recently went on the radio

Ergh,my heart

Its now 2018 and Im at a place where i want to do what im doing with my blog more than ever. Life is beyond amazing. I truly cannot put into words how grateful and in love i am with life.

A few weeks ago I sat down to update you guys and try and get across the message but frankly it ended in tears.

Life is beyond anything I could of ever imagined



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