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The title “Littlest Lady” is a bit misleading. I mean, how does a heart that BIG fit in that body? How does this littlest lady hold all this abuse on her shoulders and live life? How does that littlest frame give off so much strength?

As a fellow survivor, I believe that strength comes from family. No, not that family that abused her, the family of 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys who are sexually assaulted by the time they turn 18. We have a connection that is deep, that not everyone can “understand” how we feel and we know the hurt behind the smile that is flashed in public.

The Littlest Lady gains more strength with each blog post, Facebook status, Google+ update and face-to-face conversation she has about her abuse. Getting this crap abuse, out in the open is a purifying technique.

I see great things in Jessica’s life and I am super excited to know her and to be part of her new family. xoxo Doug from

– Doug (Arkansas,USA)


After years of abuse and determination in my heart i set out on a journey of recovery.

Through out its long journey i met many people and many people who had seemed to given up on every aspect of there life due to being abused or going through mental health difficulties. I heard from doctors and psychologists that many people drop out of therapy and that those abused were almost beyond help. After my own recovery i decided to look into this more and learn about the world i grew up in.Being like my abusers was already not an option for me but i wanted to know how it had become a decision for so many and i wanted to do everything in my little body to stop that.

In 2012 i started a small blog over on Blogspot to detail my recovery and how i got through what i did. In a short amount of time i gained over 200,000 views and a little following all of my own.

Here in 2016 and after taking a short break from my original blog i decided to start again on a bigger platform to enable me to expand and do more with my blog.


Here you will find me talking about my story, my recovery and things that helped me along the way.
I will be talking about abuse, mental health and all the problems that come up in everyday life.

My blog back in 2012 mainly centered on abuse but now due to popular demand i am also covering mental health and other topics too.


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