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Today I am sharing with you my top 5 pick-me-ups and what I use when im feeling a little blue.

If you are subscribed to me on YouTube you will know a few months ago i hit a real road block in my journey when it came to how those around me treated and saw me. Its safe to say the whole thing was something that i should of reevaluated a long time ago but its one of those things that as painful as it was i am glad i expended the whole kit and caboodle.

In the process of picking myself up and brushing myself down you guys asked me just what i used to pick myself up and what i used to support myself through my healing journey. When i was asked i chuckled to myself as to be honest these things are quite personal to me and may leave people saying ‘really?!’ Regardless i thought it may be a funny little post and video to share with you and may be just the thing to cheer you up!

The Wiz

I know i know, bare with me.

If you haven’t seen the wiz already it is a Motown production of The wizard of OZ and features some of the greats Diana ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell and MANY more.

I first watched this film when I was really young and it was actually my dad that loved it because he loves Micheal jackson.

Its safe to say I didnt watch this because I thought it was funny or it would cheer me up in that way but I found the whole thing left me forgetting about any previous upset because I was left thinking… what just happened?

Dont get me wrong this is a beautiful and heartwarming film but my word does it have some questionable parts.

I feel if you have already seen this film you will know exactly what I am talking about and if you haven’t, honestly WATCH IT!


Whilst were talking about what I have been watching lets throw my fave in there, Jackass!

I actually saw a tweet recently that was talking about repeatedly watching things being an anxiety response and I found that really interesting! It left me wondering just why I can repeatedly watch things. I mean lets face it, its mainly just Jackass!

Going back to the wiz my dad honestly used to watch that, Michael Jacksons thriller and this particular episode of Scooby Doo on repeat. I only actually remembered that recently after seeing that tweet and im not sure the exact reason as to why I do it.

Im not really a television watcher in general I don’t even really watch a lot of films but in my house if the television is on it will either be Jackass, CKY, Viva la Bam or Wild boyz.

A good ol’fashioned pamper sesh!

You know what, I also spent a fair bit of time just doing some general pampering.

We often talk about how self care isn’t just all bubble baths and face masks and that there is plenty of other options but its something that I very rarely think of.

I wasn’t ever taught the importance of looking after myself and when I left home at a young age and had to fend for myself, self care and looking after myself just wasn’t a priority (and mainly because I couldn’t afford it) I would buy the cheapest budget soap and face wash which I would always feel guilty about because I could have just used the soap.

I guess around the age that I left home a lot of teens and people my age would have been discovering all these different products but it just wasn’t an option for me.

From that and up until a few years ago I kept that mindset. I would buy the cheapest and most basic products. I would shower instead of having a bath, dye my hair when it was in desperate need of it and that side of self care was just always the last of my priority list.

There are lots of ways I practice self care and I almost do all the other ways that people often are enoucraging people to do. I meditate daily, go for lots of walks and things but taking the time to pamper myself is something that I actively have to remind myself to do.

I bought a big glass bowl for my bathroom and went out and filled it with bathbombs and facemasks and just spent time indulging in that side of self care and I loved it.

Its often a bit of laziness with me and I think to myself “Oh a shower is quicker” but I have been trying to just keep reminding myself of how much I enjoyed it and how important it is!

Working out

I regularly go to the gym and its something I really enjoy but those few weeks I just felt like a change. I dont know what it was but I just wanted to do something more fun.

My gym didn’t have any classes on or anything that I really fancied and instead I decided to do a few workouts from home and with my friends on facetime.

Let me tell you if you need a cheer up, this is the one. Merely a riot I tell ya and mixed in with a 1 year old boxer puppy you can only imagine how it went! It was just good for the soul, you know? More laughter than working out but it was great!


Last but not least I want to mention journalling and how important I believe it is and how important its been to me over the past 5 years.

I guess not just journalling as such but more the gratitude journalling side of things. I have done a gratitude journal every day for 5 years now and during those tough few weeks I actually sat down and just wrote one big list. I expressed gratitude for things and people that to be honest I hadn’t thought about before. Those people that helped me get out of my abuse and supported me through that and even people I’ve had during my journey who have come and gone.

I really want to do a video on journalling and the importance of it as its something that’s so important to me. Do let me know in the comments if you would like to see a post or video on that!

There has definitely been a real mixture of things that has helped me get through this timebut I think its really important to do what YOU need and what YOUR heart desires when you’re feeling down and need that boost.

We all have different things that can pull us through that and I would love to hear what you use.

Before I just want to throw a little side note about my scheduling and posts; Currently I post a video a week with the topic written on my blog but I am working with a lot of organisations at the moment and sharing my story with them so some weeks there may be two blog posts!

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Take care and stay safe, team!



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