My Happy Place – Sharing a Sneak Peak into My Home.

This post features items from a range of local artists and small businesses in and around New Zealand. It features various gifted items. All opinions are my own.

Hello there,

How the dickens are we?

Today I am going to be sharing with you a sneak peak into my happy place, my home. Yes, a topic people seem to be highly interested in and mainly due to my own personal style. It seems many were shocked in seeing various aspects of my home in the background of posts and social media stories as many thought the interior of my home would match the way I dress.

Yes, despite adopting a 1940s/50s dress code its safe to say I don’t follow suite with home. For me, I find the vintage patterns and prints a little too much for my simplistic brain and I like the more calm and collective when it comes to how I decorate and style my home.

My home is simple (I guess you could say minimalist) and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere where the walls weren’t anything but white. Yes, white walls, dark grey or black furniture and the odd dashes of colour (and usually a blushed light pink).

Despite my minimalist approach I do love art and prints and have a dedicated wall where I keep a large selection of them. This wall certainly reflects my personality and loves in life. Some prints were printed locally in New Zealand, some I printed myself and my favourites, the Sid Vicious and 2Tone print were actually bought back home in the UK many moons ago and from a small music/vinyl market. (cool, right?!)

Honestly my house is much like my personality, all over the place. There is that punk heart, fight for what you believe in side of me (hence the prints) and then the calm and serene side of me. Coming away from the feature wall in my house, its all just very minimalist. I don’t like a lot of furniture or other things ‘going on’ and really only have the bare minimum.

I love soft furnishings, cushions and throws and have various candles dotted around my house from the bathrooms, to the lounge and bedrooms. Currently my go to bedroom candle is this one from Wicker & Co. It smell incredible and the smell radiates even when its not lit!

bare Whilst were on the topic of bears. Honestly, look at this. I bet you can only imagine my reaction when I first came across it. Things only got better when I found this plant that makes him look like he’s got a mohawk.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a sneak peak into my home. I found it so funny reading through the messages of shock as to how it was styled. Don’t get me wrong I love the vintage aesthetic, patterns and prints, but just not in my own home!

Below you can find various pieces from my home and links as to where to find them. I love supporting small and local businesses in my area and finding unique and different pieces and below is some great businesses that offer just that!

‘Let the good thoughts grow’ planter.

Loft Furniture
Woodstock Rainbow Planter

– Loft Furniture

Organic, Hand crafted candles and collective boutique

Wicker & Co Instagram – Website Coming Soon

– Wicker & Co

Small nest of two tables.

Loft Furniture
Trang Nest of Tables

– Loft Furniture

Punk is not dead wall art print

Just Cool Design
Punk Print

– Just Cool Design

Grey and Blush Pink Cushions

Loft Furniture
Cushions & Throws

– Loft Furniture

Bear Head Planter

Bear Planter

– Lava


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