My First Radio Show Appearance

Hello poppets,

How on earth have you all been?

Gosh it seems ages since I last sat down and talked to you all.

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about my dreams for Click here to read it I spoke to you all about my focus and goals for my blog and my want for turning this blog into something a little bigger and venturing out to diffrent platforms.

Today im going to be talking to you about an event that I still cant get my head around.

I went on the radio

Im not even kidding. Little ol’me. The girl that at one stage of her life didn’t think she’d see the end of the day trotted onto a plane up to the north island of New Zealand to do her first radio show appearance.

This event completely sprung out of nowhere after what felt like months and months of trying to get somewhere with no avail and im pretty sure when I got the phone call asking if I wanted to appear on the show a good 90% of the call was blank due to me being in complete shock about the whole thing.

I was asked to appear on The Nutters Club on NewstalkZB which was hosted by Hamish Coleman Ross and Kyle Mcdonald. They wanted me to go on to talk about my story, my battle with my mental health difficulties and most importantly my triumph over them.

And obviously i agreed

I decided to take my best gal along for the ride especially as I hadn’t been up to the north island of New Zealand yet and my directional skills were, well not all that directional?

It was a blast, as you can imagine. Right from start to finish. We arrived on Friday evening and due to my show not starting till 11pm on Sunday it gave us plenty of time to explore.

It was explained to me that the show was on late partly due to the nature of the topic being essentially quite dark and that most people struggling can’t often sleep so like to listen in to the show. Considering this nana is usually in bed for 9pm the excitement had overrun any remote tiredness and nerves.

I kept saying to my friends ‘why aren’t i nervous?’ and i genuinely wasn’t. Ive often had these thoughts during occasions where id expect myself to be nervous. I was so shy as a child and I’m not sure where that shyness has gone. Maybe CBT helped that? or maybe the excitement was too overwhelming for any sort of fears to creep in.

I was picked up by the producer of the show and taken to the studio. Everyone was so incredibly warm, welcoming and friendly and seemed just as excited as me to get stuck in.

Quite frankly the whole experience was more than i ever could of imagined. The hosts were so incredibly kind about not only myself but my work and what im trying to achieve. I was inundated with calls, emails and texts filled with kind words and my heart was truly fit to burst.

I left the studio after hugs,kisses and kind words from the whole team and spent the rest of the (very short) night thinking


I had such a sense of pride and thats not something id usually say but i truly felt proud of myself. It was such a big thing for me as im sure it would be for any person but after the show i just couldn’t stop thinking about where id come from.

If you’re worried you missed out on hearing the show here is the full interview for your very ears. Click here to listen

As always things like this dont happen without you guys. Your kind words and encouragement are what have pushed me this far and pushed me to continue with this dream.

Im still shaking myself that this even happened to me, gosh!


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