My First Magazine Article!

Hello everyone!

How on earth are we?

Today im sharing with you my first magazine article or should I say


Thats right. I, Jessica Emily, Littlest Lady, has her first magazine article and front page cover all wrapped into one and

I cannot believe it!


OCDuk asked me some time ago to share my full OCD story with them but never did I ever image that id be sprawled across the front page.

So many tears have been shed over this and the whole thing has been so surreal and such a shock to the system.

Unfortunetly were all out of copies of the magazine! But if you would like one Ashley over at OCDuk will be restocking soon and will provide me with a link when he has them.

In the meantime you can read my full article online Here

Keep an eye out on social media for the link to buy the magazine in the next few days!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!
This is not possible without you guys!


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