Looking Back at 2016!


Hello poppets!

Due to the Christmas festivities and coming up to the end of the year i thought we would head right back to the start and have a recap of good ol’2016

Though we cant really call it a year in blog world (as i only started in June) this little blog has had a wonderful couple of months! I have met some wonderful people and even worked along side them in blog posts. One of my main highlights for the blog so far was writing for The OCD Stories which i was lucky enough to do only shortly after starting the blog.

In general life, well lots of things happened! Obviously i was lucky enough to start up my blog again this time using a brand new platform and having a little space all of my own which was a big step for me! I also had the ability to close some huge chapters in my life after the passing of my main abuser. The passing lead me to go back to england for a few weeks in which i was lucky enough to meet my dads side of the family which i had never met before. I was completely showered with love and open arms. I don’t want to say someone passing is a incredible experience but closing the end of that chapter was. Especially when i am lucky enough to store and record those memories by journaling on here.

In blog world i created a fair few blog posts and many that i am extremely proud of!
Heres a quick recap of those very posts;

Blogger.Bear Lover. Survivor – My first blog post, hurrah! This little post was a real insight into my blog and
taste of what was to come. I introduced both old and new readers to my brand new space and discussed new features in a little tour of its new home!

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Blogger. Bear Lover. Survivor.

Why i decided to out my abuse – In this post i talked through my thoughts and feelings about why i wanted to share and talk about my abuse. I began with talking about my 2012 blog and how that was the first time i had really spoke about my abuse even too my closest of friends. I talked through why i felt it was important to talk about and how it was a huge step forward in my life.

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Why I Decided To Out My Abuse

Turning 22 and looking back – Happy Birthday too me! This year i turned 22, i know! I took a little time out to talk about the celebrations and took a little time to reflect on things i am grateful for and also explained how important i feel it is to do so.

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Turning 22 and Looking Back!

Talking with the OCD stories – Be still my beating heart! One of the most wonderful things I’ve done on the blog so far.

I was lucky enough to be asked to write for The OCD Stories and my article was featured on the blog. I talked about my experience with the dreaded OCD from it first starting to its dramatic head right to having full management of it. I received such a warm and loving response and is a post i will forever hold in my heart.

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The OCD Stories Articles!

Going back to basics – This blog post we stripped it all back and went right back to the basic simplicity of life that sometimes get forgotten. I talked about the importance of recharging your batteries, treating yourself and personal hygiene. It was a post that i felt important as lots of the things noted get put aside when were not feeling our bests!

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Going Back To Basics!

Zottie Dottie and ending the stigma surrounding mental health! – For this post i teamed up with the wonderful Zoe over at Zottie Dottie to talk about the stigma surrounding mental health and why it needs to be stopped. I talked about how it had a huge impact on my abusers life leading me to suffer at the hands of abuse too.

Another great collab in which i had a huge response to too!

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Zottie Dottie and Ending The Stigma

My Top 5 Pick me up songs – Another post taking it back to basics and talking about those little songs that make your heart happy.

I talked about the beloved frank turner, misfits and my main man Serj Tankian!

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My Top 5 Pick Me Up Songs!

Talking with Mike on the podcast – This absolute dream. What do i even say?

I was lucky enough to have a 3 hour conversation (that he somehow managed to shrink to 30mins) with the wonderful Mike from Open Journal. We talked about my blog and what i am trying to do, had a lighthearted conversation about my OCD and like every other conversation i seem to have it finished randomly by talking about christmas in the sun, shopping trolleys and brexit. Who knows really?

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Talking With Mike On The Podcast

Paying respect to my abuser – A real reason my blog is important not just for what I’m trying to teach people but also as a journal for me. I captured a huge point in my life and in my blog life too after my main abuser passed away. With this post i talked about her passing through to me paying respect and closing a huge chapter of my life.

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Paying Respect To My Abuser

My OCD story in full – With this post i took you right back to the start with my OCD and detailed the whole story in full!
I recapped on my first experiences with OCD and when i first noticed it to its peak and then through to management. I included tips and tricks that i had learned along the way and showed my progressions through real photos of my journal in which i had with me through my journey to full management of OCD!

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My OCD Story In Full!

Revisiting my childhood – Uh oh! In this post i talked about being the ‘chosen one’ can we really call it that? In my abusers will.
With this i hopped on a plane back to England to clean out my abusers house and the house in which, i was abused in.

I left the post on a cliff hanger to be continued when i got back from england!

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Revisiting My Childhood!

The most empowering experience of my life – Oh how incredible it was. In this post i talked about visiting the home of my abuser right from going in and my initial feelings to saying my goodbyes and leaving it all behind!
It has definitely been labeled the most empowering experience of my life!

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The Most Empowering Experience Of My Life

Question Time! – How did you heal from your abuse and what helped you? – Its safe to say i receive a fair amount of questions on various social media platforms. This blog post allowed me to pick one that i felt was most relatable or helpful and answer it on the blog!

This question had me answering how i healed from my abuse and what helped me along the way! These posts i will be doing quite often so keep your eyes open!

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Question Time!

Victim Blaming – This blog post randomly came to me during an evening on reading an article on victim blaming. It lead me to create an image which was a hit at 2,000 likes. It was quite out there for me as my purpose isn’t to expose directly what happened to me during my abuse but i still felt it had a very important message.

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Victim Blaming

The Hate Diaries – Oh golly. This post had me talking about the dreaded diaries i found during cleaning out my abusers home.

I talked about first finding them and how i was a little cautious of reading them for quite some time. I also talked about how the diaries confirmed a lot of things for me and my abusers abuse and thought processes.

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The Hate Diaries

It has been such an honor to work with the people i have and i have met so many wonderful people in such a short space of time.
I am beyond excited for the plans i have for 2017 and i am going to be doing a lot bigger things with my blog and making some exciting announcements!

Happy New Year you lovely beautiful bunch!



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  • Carleigh
    6 years ago

    I’ve only been reading since I first added you on IG, so I will have to back to the very beginning now! Congrats on your first year!

  • Carleigh
    6 years ago

    I’ve only been reading since I first added you on IG, so I will have to back to the very beginning now! Congrats on your first year!

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