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Hello everyone!

How the dickens are we?

Gosh, since I last wrote a blog post we have ended up back in lockdown in New Zealand!

I work from home so I cant say its affected me too greatly, but I miss a lot of little aspects of life and don’t like that feeling of how separated we all are.

I don’t know what it is with me, but I love seeing the hustle and bustle of every day life. People busy with their days, saying good morning to people on Lolas morning walks, all those little things that are currently on hold. People seem to be frightened to even look at each other right now and though thats more than valid, it does break my heart a little!

Its tough and I’ve actually found this lockdown a lot more challenging than the first and more out of boredom than anything and a want for us all to just get back to some normality. Still, there are lots of things ive learnt on how to manage those thoughts and feelings and create some sort of normality in my own life, which I thought I would share today!

Below are some tips and tricks for those struggling during lockdown.

Lockdown tips!

Feel feelings.

During these strange times its normal to feel all sorts of different ways and some ways that we may not be used to. It’s so important to allow ourselves to feel the exact feelings we’re feeling. Don’t push those feelings away, tell them they’re not valid or that others may have it worst. Just because someone is handling or dealing with the current situation differently to you, that doesn’t mean your emotions and feelings aren’t valid.

Instead of pushing feelings away its important to feel them, recognise them and then go on to redirect them. That may mean phoning your friend, spending some time alone or getting creative!

Something I like to do is record how im feeling wether by writing it down or there is also lots of great apps to do that too!

Keep that routine

Some of you may not be racing out of bed for work or school in the morning, but there will be lots of people that miss having that routine.

I know I certainly do and me keeping that routine has been extremely helpful (though I have been a little more lenient with myself) I have been working as normal but spending 1-2 hours out of my day either cleaning a cupboard in my house or doing a bit in the garden. Its been a really good way for me to break up my day and get outdoors as currently im spending a lot of time glued to my screen!

Try to keep your bed time and wake up times similar to what you normally would and leave those lie-ins till the weekend. This is not only a good idea so that you dont struggle with getting up once you do go back to work or school, but keeps that routine and sense of purpose.

Start your day with breakfast (don’t forget that bit!) and then some sort of activity or exercise to wake up your brain and body.

Giving yourself something to look forward to each day is also helpful, wether you plan a catch up with your friends via FaceTime or find yourself a movie to watch. Even print out a planner and plan your week out that way!

Stay connected

Talking of FaceTiming friends, its so incredibly important to stay connected during these times. Luckily we live in a day and age where it is easier than ever to do that.

Lots of us are experiencing overwhelming emotions that can leave us wanting to be alone, but make sure you balance that even if its calling someone 1-2 times a week or even just stick to messaging.

Getting fresh air and exercising!

Get that body moving!

Lots of us are limited to how far we can venture outdoors and some just round our local area, but that doesn’t mean not going out. Its so important to get some fresh air and get your body moving even if its just going for a short walk.

There are also some great online exercise classes to take during those times your gyms or local leisure centres are closed.

Start a new project or hobby

A lot of us have more time on our hands than we normally would which leaves us with plenty of time to start that project or hobby we have been wanting to start.

It’s important to not feel like you have to do something with your free time and sometimes it’s nice to do nothing at all, but if you’re looking for something to do their is a wide range of small projects and at home hobbies!

– Clean out your wardrobe or cupboards (Ive been doing 1 a day!).
– Cook something more adventurous for dinner (now you have more time) or bake something!
– Exercise.
– Write a letter.
– Read a book.
– Listen to a podcast.
– Set up a zoom party with friends and do a quiz.
– Crosswords and puzzles (you can pick these up when you do your grocery shop).
– Drawing and painting.
– Get in the garden, plant something or tidy up those winter weeds!
– Cross stitch.
– Learn another language.
– Take an online course.
– Watch an educational documentary.
– Make your own masks.
– Look, you could even start a blog!

I think feelings those feelings is the most important part of this post. How you are feeling right now is absolutely valid. You dont need to tell yourself that others have it harder. If you’re struggling right now, im not surprised. We have not lived through anything like this before and probably wont again.

If you are struggling during these times the wonderful team at 0800 Whats Up are available for you throughout lockdown and no matter what level were at. 0800 Whats up provides free counselling for kids and teens all over New Zealand and are always there to help.

You can contact them by free phoning 0800 942 8787, writing them an email or using the live chat feature on their website.

Sending so much love and strength to everyone during these difficult times!


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