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If you follow me on social media you will know that essentially we have spent the week talking about a movie. Yep, not something I thought I would ever do but its safe to say Joker has gripped my very core.

Every bit of it.

If you haven’t watched it yet (go and see it) maybe lay off this post a little longer as I will be discussing various aspects of the film which may involve a few spoilers!

Now, you guys are probably well aware of my deep love for comic books but i’m not actually a movie kinda gal (bar Jackass) still, something told me to go and watch this movie. I expected it to be good as I love those ‘where it all started’ kinda stories but I never in my wildest dreams imagined it would be quite as good as it was or have quite the impact.

and what an impact it was!

The story shows how Arthur Fleck came to be the Joker and what shaped him and essentially what shaped him was society hence the mixed bag of reviews from various offended watchers. Joker shows the story of Arthurs upbringing and being shunned and outcasted by those around him which leads to an inner corruption, anger and violence towards others.

Why on earth did it connect to this Pastel pink pinup? because the whole base for the Joker story (besides the shootings of individuals) is essentially the base to what I talk about on my blog and what I have been talking about for all these years.

My main abuser was someone who suffered at the hands of trauma and lead a life of mistreatment from others from an early age. I know this as I actually have all of my abusers diaries (if you’re new to my story) which leads me to have a key understanding of her life. I have read the various cases of mistreatment from others and being made to feel like an outcast and fully believe all these things combined are what eventually made her snap. Plus, I was always told as a kid that the reason for my mistreatment was all to do with what she had been through.

No, really.

A lot are talking about the mental health side of things and that being the reason for Arthur being shunned by society but to me (and maybe it’s just because I experienced it) I think there is a step before that which I have not seen many talk about.

Taking the mental health difficulties away from this there was various scenes in the movie which showed just basic ridiculing of him for no particular reason except his differences in stance, speech and outlook on the world. Yes there was the judgment due to Arthurs various outburst of laughter (pseudobulbar affect) but there was also a sense of just general outcasting and belittling.

Baring in mind my mental health difficulties only really showed up when I was asssaulted at 17 I had been ridiculed and pulled apart way before that. I was the outcast, the weirdo and the freak in most social situations and it was all just for being me. If I could put into words how that made me feel, I would, but I cant. In fact the ways those situations made me feel were treated in therapy just as severely as physical abuse from my main abuser. I have absolutely no idea to this day why that feeling hurts quite so much but damn its hard.

Really hard!

Again if you follow me on social media you will know I recently spoke up about a situation that sent me flying back to my childhood and in particular school days. I was in a situation where someone belittled, picked at me and made me feel like a complete and utter turnip. Though I have put so much hard work into healing my heart and working out why people behave in such ways it still hurt just as much.

I do not for a second condone any of the scenes of violence that later escalate in the film but I feel it shows a key understanding that those we call ‘monsters’ aren’t just born this way but are instead created by their pasts, society and those around them and that we need to just be kinder as a society.

I preach about that basic kindness and bang on about its importance and feel many don’t understand it but we can use these films as a guidance of why its so important. This film has put issues in society on the big screen and made it accessible to the masses. Yes this film is a fictional story but it highlights things that are actually happening.

There has been so many mixed reviews of the film and I’m looking forward to watching it again to review other peoples outlooks on it but one thing that gets to me is the many that are flat out claiming that the treatment of Arthur was valid (before all the violence I mean!) and thats where the mental health and stigma side comes in. People are still not educated about mental health and are still viewing that it should be treated as a crime and people should be punished for it which just breaks my heart.

We are all going to have different opinions of this film but i’m still going to be hear preaching about kindness and its importance. Theres no reason in the world to be anything but kind and accept people as they are. Essentially if my main abuser had been allowed to process her trauma and not have been shunned by society I may not have the story and background I do now and that’s how real this is and how important that kindness is.

If you made it through my blog post without watching the film do go and see it and let me know your views below!

Look after yourselves team!



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