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Hello there my loves,

How the dickens are we?

Im doing well, but my word we have had some rain recently. Its left me feeling a little flat as I was so eager to throw myself back into Littlest Lady, however these dark days have left it a little challenging when it comes to creating content.

In the meantime, I thought I would give you the low down on The Calm Collective. Yes, The Calm Collective. A brand I launched last year and am already SO excited about.

Understatement of the century!

The Calm Collective is all about creating calm, collectively. As you may know I have spent the last few years working with children and young adults who have been directly impacted by Covid-19, be it with the mental strain attached to post covid symptoms or the fear attached to living through such a scary and life changing event.

It really was an eye opener for me as despite vouching that everyone can suffer with mental health difficulties and that mental health does not discriminate, I really saw this first hand. I worked with people who before hand didn’t even know that mental health existed (yep, there’s actually people that dont!) and people who had no idea what anxiety was. These same people were now crippled with anxiety and unable to leave the house and their mental health ruled their lives.

Truly Awful.

It made me realise not only how much mental health didn’t discriminate from person to person, but also that we had no everyday skills to deal with these things. Yes, nobody was excepted to know what to do when Covid-19 first broke out (and it certainly threw me!) but there are various things that I feel everyone, no matter their mental health status, should have in their tool boxes.

I wanted to create a space that allows people to not only come together to create calm in this chaotic world, but to also learn some great life skills on how to deal with anything that may come our way. How to move through anxiety, challenge negative thoughts and teach ourselves to live in the present moment free of fear and worry.

Not only is the platform filled with great educational content to teach you to do just that, but we also have our Calming Rings! Yes, our Calming Rings are fidget style rings with moveable parts to help soothe and calm anxiety, combat worry and stress and reduce tension levels. They’re also a great stimming tool for people with the likes of ADHD and Autism.

Like, really great!

We have had some incredible feedback already and am so excited to see the future of The Calm Collective and what can be created over there. Like Recovery Revival, my goal is to create community more than anything as I myself have benefited greatly from that community feel over the years (I mean, who hasn’t?) It really is about coming together to create calm, collectively.

Here are some helpful links on where you can find The Calm Collective;

The Calm Collective is a platform on a mission to create calm, collectively.

It has a wide range of inspirational and helpful content on creating calm in your life.

We also have a range of Calming Rings which are helpful to those that suffer with the likes of Anxiety, ADHD and Autism.

The Calm Collective Website.
The Calm Collective Calming Rings.
The Calm Collective Instagram.

– The Calm Collective

Thank you for your continued support, team!


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