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Interview with tyfindlay

Hello poppets,

This week i was asked by the wonderful Ty Findlay to do an interview for her website.

Ty is a business woman,author, survivor and a true gem!

Here is a sneak peak at a few of the questions she asked me during the interview;

Tell us a little about yourself. (Who you are, what you do)
Hello there!

My name is Jessica i am 22 and though originally from England i am currently living in New Zealand!
I am a blogger and spend my days trying to teach and encourage others to recover from abuse and various mental health difficulties.

My blogs purpose is to actually try and help stop the cycle of abuse.
I believe my abuse happened due to my abuser suffering at the hands of abuse themselves and only repeating the behavior. I try to encourage others into recovery and to heal and show that with time,patience and willpower it can be done.

On my blog i share my views on my abuse, my abusers abuse and detail parts of my recovery including my mental health difficulties.

Was it hard for you to be vulnerable and share your story, in the beginning?

Oh very. I had spent so long trying to keep the secret and hide my abuse. Life was a constant effort to keep it hidden and to not let anyone know what was happening. To then share it was huge. Especially when i wasn’t just sharing it to those closest i was doing it for everyone to see!

Why do you feel what you do is important?

I really think its important to see a different side or ‘result ‘ of abuse. I remember when i was first learning about my abuse and would read articles or books filled with hatred. They would be talking about their abusers and how they had ruined their lives and almost that they had no way out. It was almost like saying abuse results in sadness, hopelessness,fear and that’s just the way it is.

The anger from abuse is a natural process and something i believe needs to happen but i never saw anyone move passed that and that’s what i really wanted to show with my blog. You can actually move passed that stage.

Read the rest of my interview over on Teleka’s website

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