I Quit My Job for My Blog

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re well!

Today I am sharing with you something that I never ever imagined id be sharing with you.

Truly I cant believe it!

4 weeks ago i handed in my notice for my job to concentrate on my blog. Yep, for real!

Since first starting my blog i have had a full time job and then been coming home and working till 1-2 in the morning on my blog.
Im not complaining by any means but am quite happy to say its been hard work. In those time frames i have been able to get one blog post out a week if I’m lucky and a few social posts.

Ive been able to answer only a handful of emails and messages and i have turned down so many big opportunities due to my main job.

Id got to the point where i couldn’t even concentrate at work because my head was spinning with creative ideas and things i wanted to tell you guys.

My blog and what i do with it is my passion. I might not have a talent to share with you guys but my talent was staying alive and overcoming my trauma.

Though i don’t talk directly about my abuse and what happened to me I’m happy to say i was nearly taken from this world many times. Either by my abusers hands or by my own due to not being able to cope. I feel if I’m still here its for a purpose and that purpose is sharing my story of trauma to triumph.

For some reason I believed that i could overcome my OCD and other mental health difficulties and this year I’m 4 years free of those things. Im using that same belief in myself that this can be something and can be a safe place to recover for many.

I feel i have a lot of work on my hands as not many people are talking about abuse especially the recovery side of things but i believe in my story.

I believe that each and every one of us can set our selves free from abuse and mental health difficulties and recover.

Im going to be doing a couple of videos a week. I’m going to be getting creative again and I’m also going to be attending and speaking at events!

and I’m so excited to get stuck in to this!


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