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Hello everyone,

How are we?!

Today on my blog I’m sharing with you just how it works, which might seem a little strange but boy does it have good reasoning.

Over the years since starting my blog and since releasing my first youtube video i have received a lot of questions asking me where people can find my story and what exactly happened to me in regards to my abuse.

Actually, this is something I’ve never talked about and there is a good reason why.

I’ve never talked directly about what happened to me during my abuse. So that’s everything from what happened to me with my physical abuse right through to how my assaults came to be.

Suprisingly to people this isnt because i don’t like talking about it or because it upsets me but more because my main thing is recovery.

When we are struggling and it is very central to a trauma or incident we get very stuck on going in circles about whats happened. I know things would go round and round my head and id ask people why they didn’t stop things happening and why they happened in the first place. All those questions are so important to ask but it’s learning when were are torturing ourselves and actually not getting anywhere. People aren’t answering those questions and all we do is work ourselves up.

I also know from my own experience that my main abuser was very stuck in this cycle too. Anytime anything would happen and there would be any upset things from the past would always be brought up. I was also brought up being told that i was being abused because of what she had been through so all that hurt, trauma and thought processes had been carried through.

The key point for me in my recovery was breaking that cycle and that really was my first break through point. Stopping that cycle and accepting what happened to me.

With my blog I’m basically saying here is my header of abuse, now we move forward.
It doesn’t matter what happened during or how those things happened it was abuse.

It may sound tough but acceptance is something me and my therapist worked on and talked about a lot and though she would always say to me its really difficult to be tough on yourself when the world has been tough on you but you really have to stop that cycle.

People find these stories interesting wether from abusive backgrounds or just wanting to know but its obviously not going to be a nice story and i feel people don’t need to know those things. Yes it may offer support, we can compare bruises and fractures and all these things but at the end of the day its not helping us move forward and thats why i don’t overly reflect on my abuse.

This is something i have talked about on my blog before but think its a really important point to reflect on. I have my draw my life video for a brief idea of how my life played out but telling you guys the ins and outs of my childhood would serve absolutely no purpose.

I hope this makes sense and know it can be a little tricky to get your head around when i am suppose to be a blog detailing the trials and tribulations of an abusive background but it does serve a really important purpose. We need to break that cycle of being so stuck on our abusive and breaking that cycle really was the thing that changed my life.


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