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Hello poppets,

I hope you’re all doing splendidly!

Today i wanted to go back to basics and tackle the little thing that often gets forgotten in the mist of every day life. And that’s well, looking after yourself!

Sometimes when you have that much going on in life its hard to remember how to look after yourself. Looking after yourself can be the correct hygiene and eating well to having adequate clothing and proper resting time.

Self care is actually something i struggled with greatly. During CBT my therapist noticed how i said i would be doing things for others all the time but nothing for myself. Ive always struggled with noticing my needs and am often preoccupied by others. If someone needs something i would buy it, no matter how much the cost where as if i needed a new pair of tights for $5 i would think they were too expensive,not bother and just stitch up the ones i had.

Basically I’m a cheapo.
(or so I’m told on a regular occasion)

It took me a long time to grasp and be part of ‘team me’. I’m actually a lot better now (Tongue out to those who think I’m not) I now will make sure i have the necessity and nothing with holes in. I now get my nails done regularly and treat myself to nice candles and smelly soaps when it comes round to pay day.


If you struggle like i did in the past heres a few tips and handy suggestions to be part of Team You!

Squeaky Clean!

Hygiene is something not many people realise can be forgotten in difficult situations. Its so easy to want to hide from the world tucked up in pj’s and the warmest blanket you can find possible. In reality, its not good for you.

I remember my grandma bluntly telling me “I need to get washed,dressed and get on with it!” and being like “Excuse me?”
Though it seemed harsh at the time (and she probably could of said it in a nicer way) i slowly started realising how true it was. Dragging yourself out from under the covers getting a wash and putting on fresh clothes really makes you feel ready for the day.

Keeping yourself clean is not only important for kicking starting your day it is vital in preventing illness too!

Drink Up!

Did you drink enough today? Really? Well i don’t believe you.

I remember a time at my worst points where i would go all day without even thinking about having a drink.
Now and especially after moving to somewhere warmer i always make sure i have a bottle of water with me.

Hydration combats fatigue and that awful lousy feeling you get when you’re dehydrated.

So come on, drink up!

Dance Party?

Have you moved around today? have you?
Sitting on Netflix all day every day,believe it or not, isn’t that good for you.

Take time to move around whether its doing some spring cleaning or dancing round on your own.

Moving around is fun,reduces stress and makes you sleep better!

Look After Your Noggin!

Looking after yourself meaning looking after your mental health too.

It is important to make sure you’re receiving the right support and treatment for it. If you’re not, head over to your GP or local support center!

Looking after your noggin is important too!

Treat Yourself!

Sometimes its important to recognise your hard work whether it be from work or tackling a tough life event.

Its important to say well done even if its just for getting through the day. When you notice your hard work treat yourself to something nice or a trip out somewhere.

Recharge Your Batteries

Though its important to not stay cooped up all the time it is important to recharge.

Recharging can mean taking a hot bath with your favorite bubbles or watching a movie.

“Self compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.” – Christopher Germer

Do you really take enough time to look after yourself?

Toodle Pip Toodle Pops




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