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Hello everyone!

How are we today?

I can’t believe I’m sharing with you another magazine and this week in


Yep. New Zealand number 1 selling womens magazine. I KNOW!

The shock when i first found this out was unreal and i think i asked Cloe (the lady who was going to interview me) if she really was from a magazine and which one ohh a good 10 times, maybe?

It was only a week after being asked to appear in the magazine that a hair and makeup team and photographer was sent down for the occasion and out i was in the prettiest parks in Christchurch taking pictures for the event.

Magical just doesn’t cut it. It really doesn’t.

In my next post i will be going into depth a little more and talking about the week i had of these two magazines coming out and my feelings and why there was so much shock and emotion attached.

Thank you to everyone that rushed out buy this magazine and for the wonderful team at Womens Day for all they did and sharing my story.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!


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