“I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t give up” - littlestlady.com

My Promise to you.
My Blog
The blog littlestlady.com was written with care and dedication and was created solely by myself.

All information on the website and blog posts are written by me and my inspiration and knowledge has all come from my own life experiences. All information on my blog is linked from life events and i use my story only for the purpose of helping others. All information is truthful and i try to be as honest and open as i feel comfortable.

The quality of my blog is to my highest standards and i pour my heart into everything i do regarding my blog.

Not all information and tips may be useful to everyone as we all have such difference experiences, but i do try to cover all topics. My tips,views and suggestions i have picked up from life itself, books and my own personal views. This by no means is suggesting that i am right and all information is correct, they are just my views and outlooks.

Naming and Shaming
Though i have been asked, i will never name my abusers as i feel it unfair and uncalled for.

My blog is to promote healing and positivity and to concentrate on moving forward not to concentrate directly on the abuse itself.

My blog was not created for the purpose of to name and shame or to harm others.

My personal life and career

From the age of 13 i worked with people with dementia and have always had a keen interest in everything regarding mental health.

In my own personal time i have spent a great deal of time studying psychology. I have several small qualifications in the field and want to further my knowledge in the future.

I currently work in nursing and am qualified both in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

In the future i am hoping to further my blog and work with those abused.

Fact file pages

All information on the fact file pages have been created by myself. The information on these pages have come from my own knowledge from studying the topic. During study i used books and the internet and also learned from various people in my life including gp’s and psychologists.

Information you share with me.

All information given to me about personal lives will always remain anonymous.
I will not repeat information that has been trusted to me with anybody.

I may use situations given to me to help with ideas and blog posts but will make sure the information is changed so it can not be linked to a direct person. I will also contact the person asking if this is okay and keep them anonymous.

Question and answers pages

All questions asked to me have been via email or on social media sites. All those who ask questions will remain anonymous.

! – Please be cautious when posting questions on websites like tumblr. If wanting to remain anonymous please make sure you have checked the box.

Emailing for Advice
The specific email address helpandadvice.littlestlady@outlook.com is used for help and advice.

In the past i have used other sources of help to help me advise when people have brought difficult situations to me. I would never just guess or suggest anything. Though i do try and do the best i can, sometimes there is only so much i can do. However, i will always explain why i cannot do anything further and will try to forward someone on to the correct help.

Due to working in nursing and having a busy schedule it may take a little while to reply. I do try to reply within 24hrs but apologies if i may go over this time frame.

Photography and Theme 
All photographs on this blog are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Both header and side image were created for my blog and other social media and is an interpretation of myself. Unauthorized use of them is theft and an infringement of copyright.

The design of my blog including layout and all icons and images were created and designed by myself.The design and layout was created with care and dedication and a lot of time put into them. Again,unauthorized use of them is theft and an infringement of copyright.


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