Connecting to the Simple Things – A Covid Christmas

This blog post is in Partnership with Zealandia. All opinions are my own.

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your day where ever that may be!

I told you I would be back and sooner rather than later! Yes, the start of me finally getting back into those oh so missed regular blog posts.

Lots of people have asked me to cover a variety of Christmas questions and this topic certainly covers one of the most common. “How is Christmas for you during this current time?”

I have spoken a lot about my love for Christmas and how it has grown and blossomed over the years and despite that continued growth, things certainly are different at the moment.

Can say that again!

Obviously with having no family my christmases are different anyway, but I had found myself with a routine of traveling and spending time with certain people. The options to do that are still there for me, but I don’t feel comfortable traveling to somewhere where the risk of Covid-19 is so heightened and being stuck sick so far away from home.

With that, im finding joy (and not just in regards to Christmas) connecting to the simple things. I know that and gratitude is something I talk about a lot, but its something that has been life changing for me and I think is even more important to practice in times like these.

See, I could focus on the fact that travel is limited, that I would like to travel and that I can’t, but realistically its not going to get me too far. Its not about avoiding or ignoring the emotions attached, but making the best of what I have here.

and luckily it is the best!

If you follow me on social media you will know that I run a Boxer Meetup Group. It all started after Lolas 1st birthday (and she’s somehow now 3?!) when I decided to see if there were any other boxers and boxer parents in the surrounding areas. I made some posters, cakes and treats and trotted off to the park imaging that I would be meeting around 10 at the most. No, how about 30. Yep, 30 slobber faced boxers!

Since then this group has only grown and our gatherings are the highlight of my year. I mean, you will have seen the things Lola gets up to on her own and how much of a character she can be, so imagine 30+ of them. Yep, absolute chaos!

This year for our Christmas party we were lucky enough to have a sponsor in the form of the wonderful, Zealandia.

Zealandia is a responsibly sourced, ethical and sustainable pet food brand with ingredients of the highest quality from across the Zealandia ecosystem.

They take pride in developing products that benefit the health of our animals, whilst also supporting the local community. They regularly donate food to dog shelters, help volunteers by supplying free cat food to feed stray cats and even sponsoring a cat/dog shows that are created by animal welfare standards.

Zealandia is one of those all round great brands that provide high quality food and treats for our pets whilst also doing so much good in the community. (Which makes me love them even more!)

I was luckily enough to be able to share a variety of tinned foods and bags of treats between our group for everyone to test and enjoy. (Well, not the humans I hope!)

Seeing so many happy faces both in pups and humans galore is enough to make anyones Christmas and it certainly made mine. Its things like this that im connecting to in filling that Christmas shaped hole. That and spending time in nature, with those that are close to me and making sure to keep in contact with those far away.

I often touch on the difficulties of the Christmas period in regards to trauma and mental health, but in todays current climate even more are struggling with Christmas. It can be incredibly difficult due to the fears attached to Covid, missing loved ones and the inability to travel to see them. Its important to process those emotions and feelings, but also comfort them by connecting to the simple things in life.

Make sure you get on the phone to those you miss, but in that make sure you dont find yourself withdrawing and missing out on other things. Things may be a little different now, but they won’t be like this forever and remember that we are all in this together.

If you or someone you love needs support, there is help available.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 111.

New Zealand Wide:
Need to talk? Free call or text 1737 any time for support from a trained counsellor
Lifeline – 0800 543 354 (0800 LIFELINE) or free text 4357 (HELP)
Suicide Crisis Helpline – 0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO)
Youthline – 0800 376 633, free text 234 or email or online chat
Supporting Families for help supporting someone you care about:  

What are your Christmas plans this year and how are you connecting to the simple things? I would love to hear!

Take care,


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