Littlest Lady.

My work commonly consists of writing articles and
creating content for a wide range of organisations, charities
and brands!

Over the years, I have shared a wide range of book reviews including
The Mind Workout by Recovery Coach Mark Freeman and an array of App reviews including nOCD’s app to support those with Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder.

I have also written articles and newsletters for organisations
such as OCDUK, Childhelp and ALLRIGHT and have helped
raise the voice of various campaigns including recently working with
Barnardos NZ on their Footsteps to a brighter future campaign.

If you would like to work with me please contact me at

Recovery Revival.

In 2019 I launched my brand new platform, Recovery Revival.

Recovery Revival to me, was about handing the microphone
over to others after 12 years of sharing my own story.

The platform features stories of recovery from
addiction, trauma and various mental health difficulties. On Recovery
Revival you can also find educational and inspirational content and resources from some of your favourite speakers and coaches.

You can follow Recovery Revival on our various platforms below!

The Calm Collective.

After witnessing the rise of stress and anxiety in our society after
Covid-19 and working with those affected, I created The Calm Collective.

The Calm Collective is a brand that is on a mission to create calm, collectively.

The platform not only provides educational resources and content on creating calm, but also shares simple and affective tools to do so (and thats where our Calming Rings come in!) Our Calming Rings provide stress relief to those who
suffer with anxiety, stress and skin picking disorders.

You can check out The Calm Collective and our Calming Rings
using the links below!

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