Blogger.Bear Lover.Survivor.

Blogger.Bear Lover.Survivor.

Hello Poppet’s!

Oh my first blog post, be still my beating heart. I cant believe im actually back and my word it feels good!

Now lets kick this thing off with a little introduction for those who don’t know who i am.
I’m Jessica! Jessica Emily,Jessie,Jessica Jam,Little Lady,Little One (Probably could insert more here). How pleased i am to meet you!

*Tips hat*
I’m glad you stumbled along this little place of mine. It’s pretty warm and cozy here to say we delve into such cold and tricky subjects!
Yep that’s right! Brace yourselves,because that just what you will find here. All the tricky subjects you could ever think of!
Why on earth would you do that you say? Well. I was born into aye erm, well a tricky situation lets call it.

See i was born into a world where people aren’t so good to each other.I suffered long term abuse up to the grand age of 14 also suffering sexual abuse along the way. After that, well, i also suffered two assaults. Not such a great start aye? and all this left me in a bit of a pickle to say the least. I was left with Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and crippling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that left me unable to leave the house! (and that’s just for starters!)


I couldn’t bare the thought of battling on the way i was forever so packed up all the little disorders and shipped them back to where they came from. I used and experimented with different types of therapies and also spoke to many people who were also in similar situations to me. I learnt a huge amount about the world myself and so many others grew up in and it only left me asking more. I wanted to know why. Why abuse happens in the first place. What makes people want to hurt each other..

and mighty mouse over here wanted to stop it too.
I guess this is what lead me here. The passion i have for those abused and suffering with mental health disorders left me wanting to share the tips and tricks i learnt during my own journey and recovery. I feel the huge amount i learnt about my own abuse and abuse on the whole made me almost more accepting of it and lead me to heal from the things that had previously challenged me.

So that’s my story. Let me tell you more about your surroundings.
Now, if you were a reader of my old blog you will see a lot has changed. Now i am not only creating blog posts for your little eyes but have incorporated lots of other gems for you to browse through. Firstly, I have created a Fact File page in which i list the common words you will see floating around my blog. Fact File – Click Here I have also created a Question and Answer page for you to browse through Question and Answer Page – Click Here and see the kinds of questions i have been asked in the past and also see the kinds of difficulties your fellow readers are going though.

I have created a page listing the health battles i have had and how i got through them. Conquered Page – Click Here Here i list the therapies i have used and have tried to detail my journey from the start of my disorder, rapidly getting worse, to finally having full management of it. I have been as honest and open as i feel comfortable to show that with time and effort you truly can get through these things.

and for all you lovely beans to get in touch with me
I have also created a contact form so you can contact me directly Contact Form – Click Here This i feel could actually be the most important aspect of my site and probably the main thing i enjoyed the most about my previous site. You can contact me about a wide range of things from telling me your troubles to giving me feedback and ideas about the site. All information is confidential and if you’re worried about any information being shared please read my disclaimer Disclaimer – Click Here

I have poured everything into getting this little space back up and running and hope it all has been worth the wait.

Let me know if you’re a previous reader or brand new to this little space!

Toodle Pip Toodle Pops!





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