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Hello lovelies!

How are we?

Another YouTube video! I know, aren’t I doing well!

This week I jumped on my Instagram (@littlestlady if you’re not following) and got you guys to ask me a bunch of questions!

How many pets do you have?

I just have little Lola who is a boxer and is about 18 months now!

Eventually I will get her a friend!

What is your favourite quote?

If you don’t let your past die, then it won’t let you live

Is purple your favourite colour?

I imagine this question is being asked due to my posts and using a lot of purple.

I don’t really have a all time favourite colour and seem to go in phases like at the moment I seem to be wearing a lot of yellow!

The reason i use purple on a lot of my posts is due to using white text and it was a dark colour i could use without using black

People ask me all the time “Do you wish your abuse never happened” I always say no, it made me strong and who I am today but they still don’t get it.How do I explain it to people who have never been through abuse? I never know what else to say!

Firstly i think you have answered that well and its important to say there is no right or wrong answer. Abuse and healing from abuse is a really tough subject not only to go through but to explain to other people and i don’t think anyone is ever going to truly get it unless they’ve been through it.

Just because someone doesn’t understand your answer doesn’t mean its wrong and i think if that is your answer you need to be really strong with that and not change it to suit others.

For me i would maybe say that there is no point in wishing or hoping for another life as i have accepted the life i have been given.

Will you teach your own children about your abuse?

For people that don’t know me i don’t have any children yet but i probably wont.

I would say that due to my work and my children not having any grandparents the conversation would have to come up at some point but i wouldn’t feel a need to tell them exactly what happened to me.

I think there is a difference between telling them about my abuse and about abuse. I will obviously educate them about the dangers and things in life and learning to protect themselves but i don’t think there’s a need to instil fear especially when children are very young.

Best punk album in your opinion?

There are so many but I will go with, The casualties – Underground Army

More skatey punk I would say, Millencolin – Same Old Tune which is one of my favourite albums of all time.

How are you coping with your head trauma? Does it get you down?

I think its been a real shock to the system as i say i thought it was just me and that i was a bit forgetful and not 100%.

Over the last couple of weeks i have become very accepting and doing quite well.

What is your favourite thing about having a blog?

The community 100%. I just love the community we have created over the years. Knowing that i have had people follow my blog since 2012 and followed so much of my journey is just amazing.

I love seeing people comment on other peoples comments and making friends. its just that real family community feel and just love it!

How do you hold on during the dark moments post recovery?

I feel it’s almost reminding yourself to apply the skills that you’ve learnt in therapy. Its why i always say to journal or take notes during therapy because it really is learning skills to better our lives!

Its also important to remember that life is always going to be ups and downs. Its about riding the wave and moving through things. Remembering that its a hiccup or a bump in the road and not leading ourselves down that road of it consuming us. Thinking things like its the end or were back to square one.

Life is always going to be ups and down that’s what life is its learning good ways to respond to those things and remembering that they’re temporary.

If you could change one things from your past, present and future what would you change?

I wouldn’t change a thing!

Who is your favourite musician?

Another tricky one and i couldn’t pick just one!

I have been listening to a lot of Blur again recently so il say Damon Albarn

Have you ever been drunk? I would imagine it would be quite funny.

Im bad enough without anything!

What are you listening to currently?

All sorts really!

Lots of blur, but I also love the new The Used album!

I have been listening to it on spotify and then it just carries on and randomly plays lots of random bands that i had completely forgotten about like dashboard confessional and matchbook romance!

What would your dream job be?

I am lucky enough to say i am doing my dream job.

What star sign are you?


What was the last movie you watched?

I actually have no idea. I couldn’t tell you the last time i watched a film.

I mean it’s me so it was probably Jackass!

Can you do a video explaining more about your love for punk. I loved your blog post “oh this punk heart” please recreate that look in a video.

Something i have found really interesting in having a blog is what ends up being really popular. Since i first posted that blog post and i think it still is one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written.

Though i don’t really wear that Brody Dalle style look i loved getting creative and sharing that part of my life and how much it shaped me.

Maybe that’s another fun video i could do!

If you sent in a question and don’t hear/see it featured, don’t worry! I received a lot of questions and have split the video in to two parts!


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