An Introduction – Hello 2023!

Hello poppets,

Yes, here she is!

Happy New Year!

Yes yes, I know. In true Jessica of late fashion, but I wanted to take some time at the start of year to give my blog a good sort out and update. Covid-19 left me working on a lot of things that weren’t my blog, which left it looking and feeling a little neglected and worse for wear.

Ive gone through the whole thing, spruced it up and updated various sections of it. You can now view anything from artwork you have created for me over the years, my work with organisations and charities and some of my other projects I have been working on.

Here’s some links for those:

Learn About My Work.
Learn More About My Other Projects.

Now my blog is looking spick and span, I thought it was about time I reintroduce myself on this little platform as my word things have certainly changed over the years!

In fact, I cant believe how much things have changed. This little space has grown from around 10 loyal readers a month to over 150k readers, plus those loyal first 10 still being here and regularly checking in. Its honestly left me feeling like the luckiest girl in the world as I try to work out how this has grown to that.

I suppose with that I should say “Hello!” to all those new to my blog!

Queue a reintroduction!

Hello! For those that are new here my name is Jessica or as most know me, Littlest Lady! I am 28 years of age and though from England I now live in New Zealand and have done for around 8 years.

In 2012 (and whilst still in England) I hit that ‘launch’ button on a blogspot page and began sharing my story of trauma to triumph. Yes, trauma and a whole heap of it! Throughout my life I have experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse and also two assaults spanning until I was around 18 years of age.

When I hit that ‘launch’ button on my first ever blogspot page, I was terrified as it was the first time I had ever spoken about anything that had happened to me. In fact, even my closest friends didn’t know what I had been through. Most called me ‘littlest lady’ (hence the title of my blog) due to this need to be overly protective of me due to my lack of height and timid nature. It was a way for me to share with them that I could look after myself as I had been through more than any of them could have ever imagined.

You Could Say It Was A Shock!

Not only did I want to share that with those around me and document the trials and tribulations of a troubled childhood, but I also wanted to share the recovery of those things. See, when I was launching my blog I was also in and out of therapy and had been for years. Around that time I had developed a determination that hadn’t previously showed its face. After such traumas that spanned through generations, I wanted to completely transform my life and become unrecognisable to who I had been growing up and who I wanted to become.

After a multitude of less than successful therapies due to a multitude of different reasons, I went on to find the therapist of my dreams and took it as my time to shine. I threw my all into it, completed every bit of homework she gave me to the tenth degree, exposed myself to everything I was afraid of and had conversations about things that I didn’t want to even think about previously. The determination I conjured up and hard work I was willing to put in all became worth it as i came out of that therapy with not enough symptoms to be classed as having my disorders.

what a ride.

Yes, despite being diagnosed with everything from Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Complex Post Traumatic I left my last therapy without them and proud to say 7+ years later I have and practice good mental health. Now, leaving that therapy wasn’t about having it all figured out and I’ve learnt even more about my life and the world I grew up in since then. That last therapy and the experiences within it taught me growth, healing and to move through any obstacle I face (and to document it all for others!)

I was passionate about my blog beforehand, but even more so now as I teach people the powers of sticking to therapy, facing fears and the power of saying “It ends with me”. My blog and social platforms very much cover those topics as I now try my best to cheer others on in their recoveries and provide some tips and tricks along the way!

Over the years and certainly during Covid-19 I found myself working with various charities and organisations which pulled me away from my blog as I supported those dealing with the impact of Covid. Now things have settled a little, I’m back and so ready to get back to my OG’ blogging days, getting creative and spreading the word on recovery.

Some Random Facts about me:

  • My name is Jessica, but most on here know me as ‘Littlest Lady’. Little lady is actually a name friends call me and also has other
    variations like little one or little un’ if you’re from Yorkshire like me.
  •  Yes, im from Yorkshire in England. Though I now live in New Zealand and have been here for around 8 years now.
  • I live with my 4 year old boxer dog, Lola! Lets face it, you’re probably following for her. Don’t worry, I get it!
  • I have dressed in 1940’s vintage on and off since I was around 12 years old and was heavily inspired by my grandma and the things she taught
    me about the era.
  • My music tastes keep people well entertained as it may not be what you would initially think. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE
    old Hollywood and the music attached, but thats about my limit when it comes to matching how I dress. Im more of a 90s Hiphop,
    Hardcore Punk, Northern Soul kinda gal!
  • I have been running my blog for over 10 years now. I know!
  • I also run two other businesses, The Calm Collective & Recovery Revival.
  • In my spare time I like spending time in nature and going on walks with Lola. I also love going to see bands!
  • Im big on networking. This game of business wasn’t meant for a gal like me and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support
    of other business babes.
  • I practice mindfulness every day and have been since I left therapy 8 years ago.
  • I also keep a gratitude journal and have been since I left therapy too!

Thank you for joining me on this journey. It’s so lovely to have you here!




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