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Ahh Jess, you story makes my own journey worth it! Seeing the success of others, albeit in different circumstance, overcome such monumentally difficult adversity, its truly heart warming, and the emotion you inspire with you written word is exceptional.Your journey has come so far and you have learnt so much about yourself that I only began to realise about mysef now at 34 years. Never stop doing what makes you happy, continue to take pride in your loves! I love how freely you want to share your happiness and lessons. I do just want to find you one day in this world and give you a massive hug.

I keep realising the people like you who quietly tell their stories and share their compassion are the true road to recovery. Your CBT therapist sounds like one of those people also. I was lucky enough to have 2 years of psychotherapy and met one of those people. These are the people that save peoples lives when nobody else can see they need saving.

I have so many words I could share about how much you have helped inspire me since reading your work only recently. The most important I think would be this;

Thank you

– Jemima (Comment – The OCD Stories article)




How did Littlestlady.com start?

Back in June of 2012 I decided I wanted to share what I had been through. That my story and struggles may help someone going through the same. The only trouble with that, was it meant the first time sharing anything with anyone.

That’s right. My life was a secret. To most I had grown up with a privileged background and been carried through life. Nobody, not even those closest to me knew that I had come from a troubled and abusive background.

I had always been known as the ‘little one’ in my social groups hence the ‘Littlest Lady’. Someone that people felt needed looking after and guidance in life. However, I wanted to show that I could look after myself because I had been through more than anyone could have ever imagined.

Hello there,

It’s so wonderful to have you here!

My name is Jessica or as most like to call me, Littlest Lady.

I am a blogger, bear lover and recovery ENTHUSIAST that has been documenting her wild ride of a life online since 2012.

You see, my life was a little different to say the least. I lived most of my younger days with my grandma which meant me growing up loving all things 1940s, vintage and a little bit kitsch. Though I spent most of my younger days dancing round the living room to Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney my life had a lot darker side.

“She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away she adjusted her sails.”

This is my story and journal about the journey and survival of childhood abuse, trauma and all those little battles that come with it.

During my younger years I suffered at the hands of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. My childhood was spent fighting wars both in and outside my head. I was in and out of homelessness and had little to no education as a result. My mental health had also paid the price and I found myself with a list of disorders from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

After surviving something I never thought I could I decided to delve deep into my life and try to figure it all out. Though my life had been on a downward spiral for many years I wanted to change its direction. I wanted to change the narrative in which my story was often told and reclaim my power. With hope in my heart and determination in my step I set out on a journey of recovery and self exploration.

In 2012 I started a blogspot page and began detailing my thoughts and feelings on the world around me and how I wanted to change my life. In a short space of time and much to my surprise my blog gained a small following of its own. Just like me my blog only grew and blossomed further and has become what you see today.

Here you will find me sharing my thoughts and feelings on life past and present, the things I have learnt through my journey and things I believe will be helpful to all of you.

I strongly believe in making our pasts a story and a guide to help others and that’s what i’m on a mission to do! So come on in and follow my journey where I will be showing that after the storm, the sun will shine.

xox littlest lady

Text and Branding

Through out my childhood and younger years I would find myself journalling, doodling and reflecting on the world around me. I would take note of the things I was experiencing and my thoughts and feelings around the topics. With that, I wanted to reflect the same in my blog and add a personal touch. The handwritten text displayed on everything from my blog to social pages is based on my handwriting as a child and is paired with various illustrations to take you on lifes journey with me.


My Work

It’s wild to say a place that started out as an outlet and journal for me through some of the toughest times in my life would go on to become my very own business.

My story has been featured on platforms, radio stations and magazines all over the world from my OCD story being featured in OCDUKs – Obsessive Compulsive Reading to an article in Womans Day NZ titled ‘Woman of Courage’.

I have gone on to work with a number of brands and organisations from Barnardos NZ in which I worked with them on their Footsteps to a brighter future campaign to Childhelp USA in which I worked on a selection of helpful newsletters to those struggling.
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