A Short, Yet Wholesome Break –

Hello everyone,

How are we all?

I must apologies for the delay in getting this out, but your girl had some technical difficulties getting images off her camera. Honestly, as I get closer to 30 (plus dealing with brain fog post covid!) I feel like i’m closer to asking someones grandchild for help with all this technical jargon.

Anyway, we’re here and this week I wanted to share with you said pictures and some words on my trip away. What I love about my blog and audience is you don’t just want my story and tips and advice, but just seem to love the daily goings on of my (and Lolas!) life.

Ive talked a bit about travelling in my recent posts and I guess this was the start of it. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t travel too far from home, but this trip was just about getting OUT.

I love busy places, goings on and being in the thick of it. Now the world is slowly going back to some normality post covid I just find myself wanting to be out all the time ha ha. I don’t suppose that’s abnormal all this considering!

This trip was a mixture of things from exploring and long walks to thrill seeking and facing fears.

Im not even joking.

You know, I’ve heard a lot of people say that once they learn to face fears in therapy they find themselves wanting to test themselves more and more and that’s definetely something I can relate to. Once you’ve learnt that a fear is a feeling and you can take it with you, you do just find yourself wondering how else you can test this theory and what you can conquer.

Now, there was no bungee jumping on this little trip. (I just don’t understand why you’d want to?) However, I tackled a few things that prior made me feel a little queasy

Despite thinking this was going to be a nice blog post. Let me enlighten you on some more trauma that happened in my life (ha ha!) When I was around 5 years of age my dad took me on a ghost train. Its a constant joke with him as he reminds me just how scared I was and just how funny he found it. I wouldn’t say I remember it clearly today, but I certainly remember the ride and some aspects of it!

It’s one of those things that stuck with me and after I wouldn’t go on any fair ground rides or anything of the sort. No small boats, nothing! It’s something that I wanted to tackle after finishing therapy and learning about facing fears, but NZ doesn’t have theme or adventure parks scattered around like we do back home. In fact, I don’t know If there is even one!

However, where I went had a variety of adventure and thrill seeking activities. I went on a jet boat which span around and sprayed water up in the air before landing on everyone and gondola (very high up) and luge down to the bottom. All things that when they were over I went, oh? is that it?


Now, I must say, i’m not exactly scared of heights or not when i’m looking from the safety of a large building anyway. Dangling freely in the air is another thing though, or I thought it was.

Honestly I loved it and don’t tell anyone, but im itching to go back and do more. Don’t get me wrong I was nervous at first. but as soon as each thing started I knew that I was going to be fine. Reminding yourself of that goes a long way and I think letting myself have fun and let go was another big part of things.

It was a lovely wee trip and just enough time away. The weekends just go so quickly and often are spent doing various errands that as an adult, just have to be done. It was nice just having only a loose plan and coming and going as we pleased. Beautiful weather, good food and thrill seeking apparently. Who would have thought!

Have you been on some adventures now the world is opening up a little more?

Do you have travel plans to go further afield and do some exploring?


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