“I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t give up” - littlestlady.com

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Hello there! My name is Jessica and I am the owner of littlestlady.com an award winning space that has captured my lifes story since all the way back in 2012.

Here you will find me sharing details of my life and recovery from trauma and mental health difficulties and throwing in some tips and advice along the way!

I strongly believe in making our pasts just a story and a guide to help others and that’s what im on a mission to do! So come on in and follow my journey where I will be showing that after the storm, the sun always shines.

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Growing Up, Apparently?!

Hello poppets, How the dickens are we? Yes, it's been a while, but I've been on a mission to essentially...
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Lets Talk Through the New Research on Depression…

This blog post features words on a recent study regarding Antidepressants/SSRI's. These words are my own views on the topic...
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Even Puppies Get Anxiety…

Hello poppets, How are we? I have spent the last few weeks working with a variety of organisations and charities...
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A Short, Yet Wholesome Break –

Hello everyone, How are we all? I must apologies for the delay in getting this out, but your girl had...
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Your passion to help others shines through in your writing.I have never read anything like it and can guarantee you will go far with this.

Reader (Ohio,USA)

I come back to your blog everyday even if you haven’t posted something new. It is a reminder that i can and will get through this just like you did.

Reader (California,USA)

Recovery Toolkit

Some helpful tools for your recovery from books and apps to essentials for self love and care!

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