Now with Audio!

Hello there poppets,

I hope you’re all well!

Now before you ask what on earth im doing this time, bear with me.

One night at around 3am (Don’t worry this is the usual time these things come into my head) I had an idea.

So you may have all noticed that my blog in appearance is very pastel pink and very much a representation of me. I did this for two reasons one because I mean, its cute? And two because I feel its a lot more easy to read and not so heavy on the heart especially with dealing and talking about such a hard subject.

I try to write my blog posts in exactly the same way and try not to keep them too formal and heavy for the same reason.

Youtube was put on hold a bit for me as I didn’t want to lose the writing aspect of my blog as I feel this is where I cant really get down to the nitty gritty of things.

So…from now on I will not only be writing my blog posts but il also be reading them out to you too.

I have created a Soundcloud profile (soon to be on other platforms too) where I read out my blog posts.

My theory for this is knowing how hard it can be when looking up help and advice when struggling and being faced with long drawn out articles that were so hard to read. Sometimes its just easier to to curl up an listen to someone tell you things are going to be okay.

I really hope you enjoy this new feature and can benefit from it!

Head over to my last blog post Click Here to hear the post in audio!


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