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Hello poppets!

How are you all today?

Today I’m FINALLY answering some of your questions that you asked me before the big blog redesign.

Usually I’ve picked one question to answer in depth as they’ve often needed it but today I have a few little questions that i get asked A LOT.

I hope these clear up some things for you!

Did/do you suffer with anxiety?

I was diagnosed with anxiety very early on in life.
Before i started my therapy for CBT i was diagnosed with GAD- Generalised Anxiety disorder.

I almost feel my PTSD overshadowed my anxiety or i couldn’t really pick which symptom was from anxiety and which was from PTSD.

Today I feel all in all I have most aspects of my mental health well managed. I very rarely feel any aspect of anxiety.

What is your current mental health diagnosis?

After my final therapy session i was told i do not have enough symptoms to be classed as having anything.

I still technically have OCD as it doesn’t just go away. I have it managed to a point where it doesn’t effect my life and I am completing no OCD rituals.

How old are you?

Im 23! I was born on 1st July 1994

How do you come up with ideas for your blog posts?

Ideas are CONSTANTLY going round my head for my blog.

I feel with my abuse and upbringing I learnt so much and I have so much to share. I guess things just come to me and I keep a big list of blog post ideas as to what to do next.

What happened to your dad? Did he support you through your abuse?

My dad and where he was is something a lot of people ask me! You can get the general gist of what happened by watching my draw my life video where its all explained.

Watch my Draw my Life video

Basically my main abuser told me my dad had passed away, which turned out to be false information. I found him and we have a really good relationship but unfortunately i moved to New Zealand when i was 20 so now just speak to him on the phone when we both get chance.

Do you ever wish you had a normal family set up?

Oh goodness me no! Ive always said i wouldn’t change my life for anything and i honestly wouldn’t.

I recently met my dads side of my family who are all LOVELY but thats enough for me!

I here from friends who’s family are always fighting and it makes me feel lucky, eek!

Do you class yourself as StraightEdge?

I love the straight edge community,its history and everything it stands for but il never be cool enough to class myself as straight edge, ha ha!

I guess I am but I wouldn’t label myself as it.

Do you find some blog posts hard to write?

I truly don’t mind sharing anything about my past and I’m pretty comfortable with what I share with you guys.

I think the hardest part about some blog posts is writing it and realising how ‘not normal’ my situation was. Especially when I scripted my Draw my Life video I realised how my traumas and heartaches were just one thing after the other and quite literally.

I guess it makes me more proud to of got to this point though?

What do you do for a job?

I am a Diversional Therapist!

I work in a retirement village in the villa community, apartments, rest home and hospital!
I create activities for during the day and also support people with there physical and emotional wellbeing and also provide support during and with physiotherapy.

Do you dress in your pinup/50s style all the time?

Oh a good 90% the time!

I do like a good band shirt,beanie and pencil skirt combination usually to go and see a band or a breakfast date after a late night the night before!

Do you have a favourite self help book?

Honestly, Mark Freeman’s The Mind Workout book is one of my favourites and I’m not just saying that. The book really blew me away at how good it is and i can see it changing a lot of lives!

A book thats always been a favourite of mine is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie which i go on about WAY to much. (Not sorry)

How do you do your hair?

This is a question often asked to me when i do my victory rolls.

Its a lot of back-combing and a lot of practice. Ive been doing this hairstyle since i was about 13!

Here is a link to my previous posts where I’ve answered your questions.

I think someone I know is being abused, what do I do?
How did you heal from your abuse?


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