“To think of when i knew you from college, then to think of you writing such an open blog is really an inspiration. You’re helping people out there in ways nobody else can, because you’ve been there. Throughout all your struggles, you’re still here fighting.
“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” Never has there been a truer quote.”

– Beccy (Ripon,UK)

“As a survivor of abuse myself, I am very proud of you for opening up the door for discussion on such a hard subject. I have personally enjoyed being able to talk to somebody who has gone through something similar to my own story. Through meeting you I have been able to understand my own story and move forward. I think you will do great things with your story, and you will help many other victims who have been silenced .”

– Emma (Georgia,USA)

“Upon first glance of this page I was touched by Jessica’s care and address of the issues at hand, but only when I read further was I truly humbled beyond belief by the personal sacrifices she was making in order to aid the future of others. As such, this blog is as important as any other on the internet, and I love Jess all the more for putting it out there for you and I, no matter the cost to her.”

– Baz (London,UK)

“For as long as I’ve known you, you’ve always been the kindest of people. When I learned of all the things that have gone on in your life I was horrified that these awful things could happen to such a lovely person.
The fact that you’ve not only made it through the hard times, but are also being a shining beacon of hope to others is an inspiration. You’re an incredible person, without a doubt one of the strongest people I know. I’m so proud of the person you’ve become and that you help everyone so selflessly. I have the up most faith that you’ll help people find their voice.”

– Daniel (Darlington,UK)

“I have so much respect for you and thought it important you should know. You are really empowering and inspirational. I admire your strength and frankly, it’s really, really nice to hear someone not just shed light on a brutal and ignored subject, but also encourage therapy and processing a painful event. Rock on and thank you. I really hope you’re living in a safe place and finding the right people.”
– Vanessa (California,USA)

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MYTH: There’s no way any mental health professional would understand me!
FACT: Mental health professionals will of heard it all! This is a common myth that is used a lot as people feel they’re the only one with the problem! Luckily mental health professionals have a huge amount of training under their belt and no doubt years of experience!

MYTH: All abused children grow up to be abusers,its just how it is!
FACT: Many adult survivors of child abuse have a strong motivation to protect their children against what they went through and become great parents. Unfortunately there is a percentage of abused children that repeat the cycle as adults.

MYTH: It can take a lifetime to see results for treatments of mental health disorders!
FACT: Wrong! You could start to see results in as little as just a few sessions with your mental health professional.
No matter how long it can take, stick at it! Mental health disorders can be managed!

MYTH: Talking it out cures depression!
FACT: Talking to people is a good way to deal with everyday life challenges but with depression things arent quite that simple!
Depression requires professional treatment that family and friends cant provide! (Well,unless they’re professionals!)

MYTH: Bad people abuse their children!
FACT: Its easy to say that only “bad people” abuse their children but that’s not always the case. Some aren’t intentionally harming their children and may not even realise they are harming them. Many have been victims of abuse themselves and may not see their behavior as wrong or may not know any other way. (This doesn’t make it right though,don’t worry!)

MYTH: It’s only abuse if it’s violent!
FACT:Nu uh,physical abuse isn’t the only type of abuse.Emotional,sexual and also neglect can be just as damaging.
They are also more likely to go unnoticed by others!


My blog is a highly important space and a place for those struggling to call home.
Read more about the rules surrounding my blog and my promises to you in this little disclaimer.

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